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How many lawyers are in the house of representatives?

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How many representatives does the house of representatives in California have?

If you are talking about the US House of Representatives, it is  53. If they are talking about the California State Legislature,  there is a lower and an upper house. 80 in

How many House Representatives are in Oregon?

The Oregon House of Representatives consists of 60 members who are elected to serve for two-year terms. Oregon has five representatives nationally in Congress (plus two senato

How many representatives are in the current house of representatives?

  There are 435 regular voting members of the House of Representatives in the 110th Congress. Currently, there are three seats vacant (due to deaths and resignations). Of

How many Representatives are in the US House of Representatives?

There are 435 representatives in the House, compared to 100  senators in the Senate.    This is the number reached when new seats were added in 1913, and  the number