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If both sides are represented by attorneys then there are at least two. Other than that, depending upon the complexity of the case, the attorneys may be assisted by colleagues.
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How does a lawyer summarize a criminal case?

After both sides in the case have finished presenting their casss and have 'rested,' both the prosecution and the defense (in criminal cases) or the plaintiff and the defense

Can a lawyer withhold a person's case file?

NO... under the discovery act any and all information must be handed over to inquiring party's that is if the courts have not ruled to seal the case file to a time when they t

What can your lawyer do in your defence on a murder case?

Lawyers can do a variety of things in your defense, which include: Presenting evidence showing that you are innocent, Presenting evidence showing that someone else is guilty,

Do lawyers choose their own cases?

In most cases, attorneys who work at large law firms and/or junior  lawyers and associate attorneys do not get to  choose which cases they work on. The exception may be part

Who were OJ Simpsons lawyers in the murder case?

OJ Simpsons' lawyers were F. Lee Bailey; Robert Shapiro; Alan Derschowitz; Robert Kardashian; Gerald Uelmen (dean oflaw at Santa Clara University); Carl E. Douglas and Johnnie

How many cases of beer on one pallet?

For stubbies (330 - 375 ml bottles)    Some pallets of beer (at least in Australia) use layers of ten  cases stacked up to 6 layers high which is most common so 60 cas

What to do when my lawyer is dragging my case?

Contact your local professional conduct board, sometimes called a professional responsibility board. The local bar association can help. Added: First, contact your attorney a

When would a lawyer appeal a case?

When both he and his client believe that they have good legal cause to challenge the findings and judgment of the original court in which the case was presented.

My lawyer dropped my case?

If you are asking if an attorney may legally withdraw from a case, then yes, he or she generally may do so. Whether or not the client can obtain a refund of expenses or has a

How does a defense lawyer win a case?

    A defense lawyer wins by using the advantage that the State or the plaintiff suing the defendant has the burden of proving the the defendant is guilty or liable. T