How many lawyers on one case?

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If both sides are represented by attorneys then there are at least two. Other than that, depending upon the complexity of the case, the attorneys may be assisted by colleagues.
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How many cases does a lawyer work a year?

Answer . \nDepends on many factors. What sort of law is he practicing? Corporate? Criminal? Prosecution or defense? Probate? Real Estate? They all vary considerably.

What does a lawyer do when it not on a case?

i guess when lawyers aren't doing a case they are probably studying another or ma bey just relaxing and living normal lives after all they are human being like us.

Where could one get a lawyer in case of a car accident?

"One could get a lawyer to handle a car accident case through various sources including the local bar association, the state bar association, the American College of Trial Law

How many cases does a lawyer get?

If they are a public defender or prosecuting attorney, it is more than likely more than they can handle. However, he/she does have a ethical duty to keep you reasonably infor