How many major languages are spoken on Earth?

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Don't know but see this webpage for details of the worlds top 30 languages
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What are the majority of the languages spoken?

in order from spoken by the most people here's 1-15. 1. Mandarin. 2. English. 3. Hindi. 4. Spanish. 5.Arabic. 6. Russian. 7. Portuguese. 8.Bengali. 9. Malay/Indonesia
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How many major Virginia American Indian languages were spoken?

The tidewater area of coastal Virginia was occupied by around 30 small tribes known collectively as the Powhatan, speaking a language known today as "Virginia Algonquian" - bu
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What is the language spoken by the majority of Catholics?

I don't know the actual figures, but I'm sure that the largestsingle language group in the Catholic church is Spanish. Theofficial language of the church is Latin, and the vas