How many megabytes are in a CD?

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Depends on the optical medium you have:
  • CD-R (full-size): 700MB
  • CD-RW (full-size): 600MB
  • DVD-R/DVD-RW (single layer): 4.7GB
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How much megabytes are in a CD?

that depends on how much is stored on it. if you are talking audio the data consumption is approximately 1 megabyte for each minute of audio data. and older cd's had a limit o

How many megabytes are in 100 megabytes?

100, 104.858, or 95.367, depending on if you mean decimal to decimal, binary to binary, decimal to binary, or binary to decimal. Simply, decimal megabytes, used by the storage

How many megabytes in one megabyte?

Quite simply, one megabyte is in one megabyte. One Gigabyte= 1024 megabyte A megabyte is a unit of 1000000 or 1048576 pieces of data, depending on the system used; gigahert
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How many in a megabyte?

All the conversions for 1 MB. . 1048576 Byte . 1024 Kilobyte . 1 Megabyte . 0.00098 Gigabyte . 0 Terabyte
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How many megabytes can a 63 minute CD hold?

the amount of information a CD can hold is measured in minutes:seconds:sectors. Each second contains 75 sectors, each of which can hold 2048 bytes (2 kilobytes) of Mode 1 user