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100 000 000 users

Now it is at least 120 000 000 users (06-Aug-2011).
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What is LinkedIn?

its a business network of professionals LinkedIn is website for people to post their academic and  professional credentials. They can connect with other professionals  as we

Where are LinkedIn members mostly coming from?

  Half of LinkedIn members come from the United States, but the other half come from 200 other countries around the world. The median age of LinkedIn users is 41, 80% of t

What are the advantages of LinkedIn?

A social networking site that allows professionals in their respective fields to stay in contact, discuss, and get updates from their colleagues.

What are the disadvantages of LinkedIn?

Let's say you are unfairly terminated from your employment for of all things (GASP!) doing your job well. Say, e.g., your boss, "B," was a female who hated all things male and

Can you chat on linkedin?

InChat App for LinkedIn| Port your entire LinkedIn network into one mobile app so you can chat instantly with them. Yes you can Instant messaging chat with your LinkedIn Con

How can you contact linkedIn?

I have two linkedin accounts. One is under my husbands email account and the other under my own email account. Is if possible to delete myself from his account so that he get

How do you advertise on Linkedin?

You can use a LinkedIn marketing tool to promote your products and  services.   It is an amazing place for business people and advertisers.  LinkedIn groups and company
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What is linkedin used for?

LinkedIn has more than 380 million members, its a great platform for professional networking, business, and marketing.People use it for business marketingAttract Business Clie