How many men were killed in the uss Maine?

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How many men sank with the USS Arizona?

A total of 1,177 sailors and marines were killed on USS Arizona themorning of December 7, 1941. This represents the greatest loss oflife in U.S. Naval history, and more than half of the 2,335 U.S.servicemen from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps killed during thePearl Harbor attack. One question still (MORE)

How many men were killed in Pearl Harbor?

"4 battleships sunk, 4 battleships damaged including 1 run aground 2 destroyers sunk, 1 damaged 1 other ship sunk, 3 damaged 3 cruisers damaged [2] 188 aircraft destroyed 155 aircraft damaged, 2,345 military killed 1,247 military wounded 57 civilians killed 35 civilians wounded [3] [4] 4 midget s (MORE)

Who was commander of the USS Maine?

The battleship Maine exploded in Havana harbor on February 15,1898. The commander of the USS Maine at the time was CharlesSigsbee. This event triggered the onset of the Spanish-AmericanWar, although it certainly wasn't the main cause of the conflict.

Who blew up the USS Maine?

Nobody for sure knows who or why the USS Maine exploded. Witness reports say that she blew up out of no where. The U.S & Cuba blamed Spain as the responsible one for destroying the battleship.Possible reasons for the explosion a the sinking of the USS Maine is a mechanical error or a fire in one o (MORE)

Why did the USS Maine blow up?

There is no definite answer. At the time, the story of sabotage by the Spanish was used as an excuse to declare war. Many people today believe it was a dust explosion in the coal bunker... an accident.

USs main religion?

i think the US is known for being a country where you can be any religion, so there is a wide range, but this country was founded on Protestant morals so i would say Protestant.

How many people died on the USS Maine?

266 died total - 260 during the explosion or soon after, and 6 more died later from the injuries they received.. (taken from

How did the USS Maine explode?

It remains a mystery to this day. The original cause was attributed to a mine. Since then, it has been speculated that it sank as the result of a fire in a coal bunker or that she was deliberately sunk to get the U.S. in war with Spain .

How many men did Darth Vader kill?

Approximately 215, give or take another 20 or so. But this number is specifically referring to "Darth Vader" and doesn't count any of the killings he was responsible for while he was still Anakin Skywalker. That said, the number does include the execution of Count Dooku, and the massacre of the (MORE)

What happened to the battleship USS Maine?

The battleship blew up while docked in Havana harbor, while Cubawas a rebellious Spanish colony. Newspapers in the US characterizedits sinking as sabotage by the Spanish, and public opinion led theUS to declare war on Spain in April, 1898.

When did the uss Maine blow up?

The USS Maine blew up on the 15th of February at 9:40 p.m. It killed at least 260 men that were aboard the ship at the time.

The explosion of USS Maine?

Yellow journalism played a big role in this. MAny Americans thought that the spanish blew up the USS Maine, but it was never proven. It was probably just an explosion of gun poder int eh bottom of the ship. this basically started the Spanish - American War

What is the significance of the USS Maine?

The USS Maine was a battleship that was anchored in Havanna Harbor when it blew up. The cause of the explosion is still not certain, but it was a catastrophie. The unexplained explosion was used as a catalyst to precipitate the US and Spain into a war.

Why did the USS Maine explode?

No one is certain to the cause. It was originally believed that it was the result of a Spanish attack on the ship, possibly a torpedo or a mine. It is possible that it was an explosion, that the engine got to hot

Why was the USS Maine built?

The USS Maine was a battleship. Like all navy vessels, it was created to enable the protection of the rights of the country that built it. The navy allows the country to project power throughout the world.

Why did many Americans blame Spain for the explosion of the USS Maine?

Because America was on an Imperialist footing in 1898 (trying to expand as a new world power) and was looking for a reason (excuse) to declare war on Spain, as Spain owned territory that the US wanted at the time (Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuban ports, etc.). As Randolph Hearst (Hearst Newspa (MORE)

Who destroyed the USS Maine and why?

Well the US government maintained the ship was sunk by a Spanish mine. This was made popular by war mongering media outlets. In truth, the matter is still controversial. Conspiracy theorists have argued that the US government in fact blew up the ship to give a pretext for war. However Admiral Rickov (MORE)

How many men were killed by scylla?

It is said Scylla ate thousands of men as they passed by or tried to fight her. In particular, 6 of Odysseus' men were eaten as they came home from the Siege of Troy.

What caused the USS Maine to explode?

It remains a mystery to this day. The original cause was attributed to a mine. Since then, it has been speculated that it sank as the result of a fire in a coal bunker or that she was deliberately sunk to get the U.S. in war with Spain.

Who is responsible for the sinking of the USS Maine?

Sunk in the harbor of Havana Cuba on the 15th of February in 1898, the mystery of the catastrophic loss of the USS Maine only deepens with time. The event precipitated the Spanish-American War, but the cause of the explosion remains speculative. Please access the related link listed below for mor (MORE)

Was the USS Maine an American ship?

It was a United States ship. A clue is in the name. American ships include those belonging to every other country in north and south America.

Was the uss Maine a war ship?

The USS Maine was an American battleship. She was destroyed on February 15, 1898 in Havana Harbor. 266 men died. The sinking of the Maine served as a catalyst for the Spanish American War.

What was the USs main goal in Vietnam?

The objective of the USA, and it's allies, in South Vietnam (from 1945 to 1975) was to try and keep the country free and independent, as they did in South Korea from 1950 to the present. Unfortunately, the government of South Vietnam was corrupt and incapable of defending themselves, so they fell in (MORE)

What was USS Maine?

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Did the Spanish destroy the USS Maine?

No one knows. The explosion is now believed to have occurred due toan accident -- a coal fire next to an ammunition magazine. However, conspiracy theories have included some that believe USfactions blew up the ship to deliberately start the war, or thatCuban nationalists blew it up to provoke the US (MORE)

What were the dimensions of the USS Maine battleship?

The USS Maine was 318 feet long with a breadth of 57 feet and an average draft of 21.5 feet. It had a displacement of 6,648 tons, and its armor was 12 inches on the sides, 8 inches on the turrets, and about 11 inches on the barbettes.

The USS maine was actually sunk by?

The United States government claimed that the USS Maine was sunk bya Spanish mine in Havana Harbor in Cuba. However, evidence pointsto an explosion in a powder magazine. This lead to the sinking ofthe ship and the US and Spain going to war.