How many meter cubes make 1 liter?

The other way round: 1 cubic metre is 1000 litres
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How many kg rice is 1 cube meter?

Density of Rice varies from 788 Kg/Cubic Meter to 850 Kg/Cubic  Meter. Weight= Density*Volume. Hence Weight (Kg) of Rice in 1 Meter  Cube = 788~850 Kg depending on the densi (MORE)

How many meters cubed of nitrogen gas can 1 liter of liquid nitrogen produce?

At 1 atmosphere of pressure and at 20oC (293 K), 1 liter of liquid nitrogen would create about .696 cubic meters of nitrogen gas (roughly 700 times the volume).   (see rela (MORE)

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How many bricks required in 1 meter cube?

That depend on the size of each brick of course. 500 standard masonry brick that are 230 * 110 * 76 millimeters have a volume of almost exactly 1m3This is without any mortar
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How many meters cubed are in a liter?

  Answer   There are 1000 L in a cubic meter, so 1 liter would be equivalent to 0.001 cubic meters.
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How many centimeters makes 1 meter cube?

  You mean "how many cubic centimeters make 1 meter cube" because cm3 and m3 refer to volume, whereas cm refers to distance. Now that that's out of the way. There are 10 (MORE)

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