How many miles are in a degree of longitude or latitude?

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1° of latitude = about 69.11 miles

1° of longitude = about 69.11 miles along the equator. But all of the longitudes
come together at the poles, so the farther you are from the equator, the fewer
miles there are in one degree.

Number of miles in 1° of longitude = (69.11) x (cosine of the latitude)

How many minutes are in one degree longitude or latitude?

60 minutes in each degree. The International Date Line is at around +180° longitude. If we start moving to the West from +180° longitude after 6 hours we will reach at

How many miles are in 32 degrees of longitude?

At the equator (25000 miles) there's about 69.4 miles per degree, so about 2222.2 miles. At the poles there would be no miles. In nautical miles it's 60 miles per degree

How many degrees of latitude and longitude are there?

Longitude is measured in degrees, minutes and seconds starting from the Prime Meridian which runs through Greenwich, England (O point of Longitude ) and proceeding 180 deg

How many degrees longitude and latitude are there in the world?

Lines of longitude are measured from the 0º line which runs through Greenwich, London. They are increased going east and going west - so the line opposite the one through G
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How many degrees of latitude and longitude are on the globe?

Neat question. There are 180 degrees of latitude, and 360 degrees of longitude on the globe. Think of latitude as defining the angle formed at the earth's center between th