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How many miles between Detroit Michigan and Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

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Downtown Detroit, Michigan and Downtown Myrtle beach, South Carolina are approximately 840 miles apart. (google maps says 856 miles as shown below. the driving time and directions are also shown below.)

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Driving directions to Myrtle Beach, SC
856 mi
about 14 hours 12 minutes - driving time

Detroit, MI1.Head east on Cadillac Square towardBates St0.1 mi2.Take the 2nd right onto Randolph St0.1 mi3.Turn right at E Jefferson Ave/MI-10 NContinue to follow MI-10 N1.3 mi4.Take exit 2A to merge onto I-75 S towardToledoEntering Ohio53.9 mi5.Take exit 208 on the left to merge onto I-280 S toward Turnpike/Cleveland12.5 mi6.Take exit 1A to merge onto I-80 E/I-90 Etoward ClevelandContinue to follow I-80 EPartial toll road109 mi7.Take exit 180 to merge onto OH-8 SPartial toll road15.4 mi8.Merge onto I-77 SPartial toll roadPassing through West Virginia, VirginiaEntering North Carolina384 mi9.Continue onto I-74 E12.4 mi10.Continue onto S Andy Griffith Pkwy0.3 mi11.Continue onto US-52 S30.8 mi12.Take exit 109A for I-40 BUS E/US-158 E/US-421 S/N Carolina 150 E towardKernersville0.1 mi13.Merge onto N Carolina 150 E/US-158 E/US-421 SContinue to follow US-421 S13.2 mi14.Merge onto I-40 E5.1 mi15.Take the exit onto I-73 S toward I-85/Asheboro/Raleigh6.5 mi16.Take the I-85 N exit toward I-40 E/Durham/Raleigh0.3 mi17.Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-73 S/US-220 S0.9 mi18.Take exit 220 to merge onto I-73 S/US-220 S toward Asheboro50.7 mi19.Continue onto US-220 S27.8 mi20.Continue onto S Hancock St/US-1 SContinue to follow US-1 S1.2 mi21.Merge onto I-74 E/US-74 E via the ramp toLaurinburg11.2 mi22.Continue onto Andrew Jackson Hwy/US-74 E9.7 mi23.Continue onto I-74 E13.8 mi24.Take exit 220B for U.S. 74 Alt E0.4 mi25.Merge onto Andrew Jackson Hwy/US-74 E38.3 mi26.Take the exit toward Chadbourn0.4 mi27.Turn right at N Carolina 130 E/N Carolina 410 S/Joe Brown Hwy NContinue to follow N Carolina 410 S14.9 mi28.Turn right at E 5th St1.2 mi29.Turn left at Hickman RdEntering South Carolina0.9 mi30.Continue onto US-701 S4.9 mi31.Turn left at Fox Bay Rd/State Rd S-26-5701.7 mi32.Turn right at S Carolina 66 S0.5 mi33.Slight left at S Carolina 9 BUS S2.3 mi34.Turn right at S Carolina 348 S6.9 mi35.Turn left at S Carolina 348 S/McNeil Chapel Rd1.7 mi36.Turn right at S Carolina 905 S1.8 mi37.Turn left to merge onto S Carolina 22 Etoward Myrtle Beach/N Myrtle Beach9.4 mi38.Exit onto N Kings Hwy/US-17 S towardMyrtle BeachContinue to follow N Kings Hwy4.2 mi39.Turn left at 76th Ave N0.2 mi40.Take the 2nd right onto N Ocean Blvd1.9 mi41.Turn left to stay on N Ocean Blvd3.8 mi42.Turn right at 4th Ave N0.2 mi43.Take the 3rd right onto US-17 BUS N279 ftMyrtle Beach, SC
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