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How many miles does the average person put on their car a year?

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The average person supposedly drives their car for about 12,000 miles a year.
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What is the average number of miles a car is driven per year?

Better Answer   Actually, "it depends" it not much of an answer at all. The link below suggests that its around 12K-13K miles/year.   http://msl1.mit.edu/Mar2Lecture

Average miles on 2003 car?

The average miles driven by Americans each year is 7,000 to 10,000  miles. Reasonable mileage on a 2003 car would be around 110,000  miles or less in 2014.

How many miles a year can you put on a classic car with classic car inurance?

It depends on the company and the plan you get. The standard is 2500 miles per year. But with a "pleasure driving plan" you can get unlimited miles. Call and ask different com

How many miles does the average American fly per year?

According to Carbon Counter.org the average American fly's 1055 miles / year. They have footnoted the documentation used to calculate this answer. They assumed only one trip p

How many miles per gallon does a average car get?

an economic 4 cilynder engine could give you a good 30 miles per gallon in the highway, where a high performance 8 cylinger engine could only give you 9 miles per gallon.

Average miles a car is driven per year?

14,000 per year. This can be broken down further into drive  age groups and male vs. female. The average miles for a male is a  bit higher - 16,550 - compared to a woman's a
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