How many miles from Portland Maine to Fredericton?

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321 miles
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How many miles between Portland Maine and Kennebunkport Maine?

Not very far at all it is wicked close it is about a half hourdrive to an hour if you are following speed limits distance between kennebunkport, Maine and portland, Maine isb

How many miles from moncton to portland Maine?

435 miles/700 kilometres taking this route: . Take TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 2 - WEST (towards FREDERICTON), from Moncton, to I-95 in HOULTON, ME, via N.B. 95 (EXIT 187 off HIGHW
In Maine

How many miles from portland Maine to biddeford pool Maine?

29 miles taking this route: . Take I-95 SOUTH, from Portland, to SR-111 to BIDDEFORD at EXIT 32; turn left off the exit ramp onto SR-111 EAST towards BIDDEFORD. . Take SR-1