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How many ml in third of a pint?

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189ml (uk pint) 158ml (us pint)
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How many pints in 400 ml?

About 0.85 US fluid pints per 400mL

How many pints are 660 ml?

Your 660 milliliters is about 1.4 pints (1.39482844 pints).

How many ML in full pint?

1 US pint = 473.17 ml 1 UK or imperial pt = 568.26 ml

How many ml in 1 pint?

a pint is equal to 1/2 quart. There are three different quarts in use in Britain and the United States, and hence there are three different pints. 1. The U. S. liquid pint, eq
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How many ml in 6 pints?

6 US pints equates to 3409.57mL