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How many ml in third of a pint?

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189ml (uk pint) 158ml (us pint)
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How many ml in 1 pint?

a pint is equal to 1/2 quart. There are three different quarts in use in Britain and the United States, and hence there are three different pints. 1. The U. S. liquid pint, eq (MORE)

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How many ml in two thirds cup?

156.14 ml looks about right, here is a basic derivation I made for it: From Google: 1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735296 ml 2/3 of an 8oz cup is: 5.3333 oz 29.5735296 x 5.3333 = abo (MORE)

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How many thirds in 1 fluid pint?

In one (1) whole unit of anything, (1 fluid pint, 1 gallon, 1 cup, 1 apple, 1 anything) there can only ever be three thirds (3/3).
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