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How many months do you have to be before you can tell the sex of the baby?

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What do you do when the guy you've been seeing for two months tells you the girl he was sleeping with for a month before you tells you that she's pregnant with his baby?

I suggest you run like Hell before you get pregnant too.   ----   It sounds like good-bye time to me. He's got things to take care of, and either you're going to get i

Can you tell the sex of a baby at 4 months?

they might be able to tell what the baby is but it would be best to wait till 18 weeks would be good time it was easy to find out my babys gender im 18 weeks and im haveing a

How many months do you have to be to find out the sex of a baby?

You have to wait until 18 weeks so just over 4 months, anytime before that and the baby's genitalia looks similar. At any point before the 18 weeks the doctor can't tell what