How many months does pregnancy last?

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Nine months Between 37 to 42 weeks is the average length of a human pregnancy. Obstetricians calculate a due date at 40 weeks from the mother's last menstrual period. This translates to approximately 9 1/3 months. (About 280 days).GOD bad answer i asked how many months!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......sorry.....NOT!!!!
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How many months of pregnancy is thirty weeks?

Answer . to answer this question you just need to use your head and a bit of maths skills. the answer to this question is actually seven months and two weeks, unless you have some extra days added on then add that to this answer.. Answer . There are 4 weeks in every month, therefore 30 divide (MORE)

If you spot in your first month of pregnancy how long does that usually last?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf you think that you are pregnant and your period is different then it usually is, then you should see your doctor to find out if you are really pregnant. If you are pregnant for sure and bleeding also see your doctor because they are the only ones that can confirm w (MORE)

How many months of pregnancy is 26 weeks?

this is the answer! . \n6 months and 2 days. most likely anyways, depends on how many months you are pregnant and when you got pregnant, but really 6 months and 2 days/

How many months does a pregnancy last?

9 months actually ------------------------ 9 months standard is actually incorrect. There are 4.34 weeks in a month so x this by 9 would only give you 39.06 weeks once you have completed your 9 months.

If you just had a baby 2 months ago and you take a pregnancy test will that show the pregnancy hormone for the last pregnancy?

The hormone HCG decreases during your 3rd trimester and is fairly low by the time you give birth (This is part of what starts labor). By 2 months after birth, the hormone has completely left your system. So....a positive test at this time would indicate that you are pregnant again. There has been kn (MORE)

How many months is 22 weeks of pregnancy?

Here is a simple breakdown of weeks to months to help keep you on track:. Weeks 1-4 - Month One (First Trimester). Weeks 5-8 - Month Two (First Trimester). Weeks 9-13 Month Three (First Trimester). Weeks 14-17 Month Four (Second Trimester). Weeks 18-21 Month Five (Second Trimester). Weeks 22-2 (MORE)

How many months into pregnancy do you begin o show?

Most women start to show at about 4 or 5 months, or 16-20 weeks. Everyone is different though, so it could be singer our later than that, but 4-5 months is average. A slimmer person typically starts to show sooner than a woman who is bigger.

How many months left after 21weeks of pregnancy?

21 weeks is roughly 4 months pregnant, and a pregnancy lasts for roughly 9 months, so you have about 5 months to go. Generally, though, pregnancy is calculated in weeks rather than months. A pregnancy lasts for roughly 40 weeks, so you have roughly 19 weeks left to go. Congratulations.

How many weeks does a twin pregnancy last?

Depends on some factors: how big they are growing, their health, mother's health and how strong the mother is when carrying them. Sometimes it is between seven to nine months.

When you have do pregnancy test from the last month period date to this month?

It may be easier for you to determine it from the last time you had sex when you think you might have gotten pregnant. 14 days after intercourse (of when you possibly think you conceived) is the best time to take a home pregnancy test. To ensure the best results for a home pregnancy test: Take the (MORE)

You had your period December 19th of last month It only lasted two days After that you have been having many pregnancy symptoms When can you test for pregnancy Do you need to wait until January 19th?

if your period for December was shorter then usual then there is a possibility you are already pregnant i would test now however if its negative then i would wait a week and test again if that's negative then i would see your gp for blood work good luck and no you don't have to wait till your next i (MORE)

How many months is the first trimester of a pregnancy?

just to let you know the first trimester starts from 0-13 weeks and the second trimester is from 14 weeks to the 28th weeks and the 3 trimester from 29 weeks to 40 weeks or whenever you deliver they are not all equal the 2nd trimester is the most difficult and the longest with the last trimester act (MORE)

How many medicine use to remove pregnancy after one month?

There are 2 medicines used in a medical abortion which is allowed up to the 9th week. The first one is either an injection of Methotrexate or a tablet called Mifepristone (also known as RU-486). Your doctor will help you decide which one will be best for you. The second medication is a tablet call (MORE)

How many month was the duration of the virgin Mary pregnancy in Jesus?

Answer A The Bible doesn't say much about the duration of Mary's pregnancy. Because of this her pregnancy was probably the same length as most women's, so around 9 months. Answer B I am not sure of the correctness of the Answer above. If it was 9 month, then sure it should have been observ (MORE)

Does a human pregnancy last nine months?

A human pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks or maybe even more than that because it's rare that a baby is born on their actual due date. So it's slightly more than 9 months if you carry full term :)

How many months does signs of pregnancy stop?

Well your either pregnant or your not. If you are pregnant, signs will become more say you throw up all the time . Smells of food make you sick or your breast are very tender. If so I suggest you buy a pregnancy test!

Does pregnancy last ten months?

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. However some women give birth early and some can go up to 2 weeks over. 40 weeks is 10 LUNAR months but approximately only 9 calander months.

How you sleep in last month of pregnancy?

depends on the woman. and how she feels. I have not met or heard of a woman who sleeps well in the end of the pregnancy. Every position is uncomfortable. Laying on the side with tons of pillows is the way but as soon as you relax the baby starts kicking.

How many teenage pregnancy relationships last?

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear a fair amount of them do and even the ones that end romantically give new life to themselves through the teamwork that is needed to raise a child, this is because it's no longer about climbing the social ladder or experimenting with life, because there's now a child o (MORE)

How many months can a girl have her period before pregnancy kicks in?

Pregnancy does not "kick in", but you can become pregnant with having sex once if it is within the right time,of your cycle. If you want to know your cycle keep a calendar starting from day 1 of your period to the last day. Next you have to keep a calendar like this for 2-3 months so you can see a p (MORE)