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How many moons does the planet Mercury have?

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Mercury does not have any moons.

It was once believed that a moon might exist, based on radiation levels. However. it was later discovered to be the star 31 Crateris.

The nearness of Mercury to the massive gravity influence of the Sun is the likely reason that no natural satellites are present, although it is possible that one or more may have existed in the past.
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What planet has a moon larger than Mercury?

Jupiter and Saturn have moons larger than Mercury. Jupiter's moon Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system and Saturn's moon Titan is the second largest moon in the so

How many moons would fit inside the planet mercury?

For the Earth's Moon (Luna), you could fit 2.8 Moons into the volume of Mercury. Mercury is the smallest of the major planets, and is smaller than the moons Ganymede (Jupiter

Is the planet mercury the closest planet to the moon?

No. Earth is technically the closest planet to the moon.. Mars is the closest planet to a moon, with Phobos being only 9.4Mm away from Mars. Earth's moon is an average distan

Did the planet Mercury have a moon?

It may have captured or formed moons in the distant past, but none remain. The closeness of Mercury's orbit to the Sun would likely prevent moons from maintaining a stable orb

Does the planet Mercury have any moons?

No. Mercury does not have any moons. The nearness of Mercury to the Sun (which exerts much moregravitational influence than the planet) is the likely reason thatno natural sa