How many mortgages are there in the US?

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From US Statistical Abstract, table 961

74,931,000 housing units in the US in 2005
48,394,000 had a mortgage
Number of regular and home equity mortgages: (in thousands)
1 mortgage 33,409 2 mortgages 10,877 3 mortgages or more 1,164 Number not reported 4,639

For more information, see the table listed.
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How many mortgages can you get?

Your lien or mortgage position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) as a lender or loan provider is important as to who gets priority should a default occur. So normally people can get a second mortgage with very good credit (these days) from a local bank. Most lenders will not go past second position behind a fir (MORE)

How can you get the contact no of us mortgage holders?

There are strict, federal, privacy laws in effect, so unless you are the lender or associated company, that information is not available for sale. Alternatively, you could target neighborhoods with homes and use a purchased mailing list. However, you would end up mailing to renters and others who ha (MORE)

Number of Home Mortgages in the US?

Around 44.4 million This answer is derived from information provided at The article claims that a) there are 4,000,000 mortgages considered to be "at risk" b) this represents 9% of the mortages in the U.S. A quick calcu (MORE)

How many mortgages in the UK?

Some common type of mortgage from the UK * Graduate mortgages * Professional mortgages * Guarantor mortgages * Joint mortgages with your parents * High loan-to-value mortgages * Mortgages for friends buying together * 100 per cent loan-to value (LTV) mortgages * Mortgages over 100 pe (MORE)

How is Reverse Mortgage useful?

The Reverse Mortgage is a national program which is offered to senior homeowners 62 years and older which allows for you to access your homes equity without a monthly repayment. reverse mortgage allows a senior home owner to convert their home equity to cash. These loans may be availed by senior (MORE)

How many mortgage companies are there?

Not sure how many mortgage companies there are but as a Texas mortgage broker we work with over 150 lenders so we are able to provide the best rates and payment you want. http:/

What do you use a mortgage for?

A mortgage is generally used for the purchase or improvement of real property by prudent borrowers. However, in the United States home equity mortgages have become popular. Under a home equity mortgage, the owner is enticed to use the equity they have in their home as money to play, purchase luxur (MORE)

How do you use a reverse mortgage calculator?

If you are using a reverse mortgage calculator, you first need to plug in the variables that you know, such as loan amount, length of loan, interest rate. Then ask the program to calculate and it will find the unknown variables for you.

How many people are in mortgage debt in the US?

Reliable figures on the total number of people in mortgage debt are unavailable, but there is over $14 billion of mortgage debt outstanding as of 2009 (figures based on Census projection figures from 2009). A very large number of Americans face mortgage debt, but accurate estimates of total numbers (MORE)

How does one use a mortgage calculator?

A mortgage calculator works by taking in the general loan information amount, interest rate, term. The calculator takes the information and determines a monthly payment amount.

What Is Variable Mortgage used For?

Variable mortgage is used for things that involve mortgage such as a house. Every time the prime rate changes, so does the mortgage, therefore the mortgage is variable.

What is value of homes that have no mortgage in US?

The value of a HOME, that has no mortgage has the same Real Estate market value as one which does have a MTG. The value is assessed by the market conditions at any given time. The most recent 30-90 day sold properties in the same subdivision with similar qualities would provide a current value to al (MORE)

What is a mortgage calculator used for?

"Mortgage calculators are typically used to demonstrate the monthly payments a buying party would be required to make, given all the variables that affect the loan amount desired. By inserting different amounts of a potential down payment and rotating the number of months and years that are comforta (MORE)

What is a mortgage finder and who uses them?

"A mortgage finder allows an individual to look through many mortgage company interest rates, allowing them to choose the best one for them. Any consumer in the market for a mortgage loan could use a mortgage finder."

How do I use a bankrate mortgage calculator?

"In order to use a calculator to determine the rate for your mortgage payment, you need several pieces of information: the amount you are financing, how long you want to finance, and the rate at which you'll borrowing."

What would mortgage software be used for?

"Mortgage software is used for a variety of mortgage-related services. Mortgage software can be used to calculate rates of interest, savings based on early payments, and more."

How does a Canadian get a US mortgage in Florida?

Yes. Many banks offer international mortgages and deal with international currencies. But for the most flexibility and best rates for your currency exchange, you could look at a company that does currency brokerage like McEwen Consulting LLC. This is a company is based in the United States, with yea (MORE)

What is the mortgage rate calculator used for?

A mortgage rate calculator will take a person's mortgage loan amount and the interest rate associated with the loan and give you an estimated payment rate. Normally, an estimated monthly payment rate.

What is Abbey Mortgage used for?

Abbey Mortgage is a business located in Ocala, Florida. The company specializes in offering mortgage loans in the state of Florida. The company has been in business for 15 years.

How many home mortgage companies are there?

There are many different home mortgage companies. A few examples would be to obtain a mortgage through an individual's banking institutions, such as Chase Bank and the like.

What is a Natwest Mortgage Calculator used for?

The Natwest Mortgage Calculator can be used for a number of purposes. However, the primary purpose is for a user to determine what types of mortgages are available and suitable for their needs.

What is the use of a life insurance mortgage?

Mortgage life insurance guarantees that the borrower's mortgage will be paid off, even if they die before paying the last bill. In theory, this protects the borrower's family from inheriting their debt. However, a mortgage life insurance policy decreases in value over time, in obvious contrast to (MORE)

How can a mortgage loan calculator be useful?

Like other types of payment calculators, a mortgage calculator is helpful to determine the exact cost and the monthly payment of a mortgage. It is helpful because good calculators can help determine costs based on the life of the mortgage as well (i.e. 20 versus 30 years).

What are mortgage services used for?

All banks employ some form of mortgage services to keep tract of the "bank-homeowner" contract. The homeowner is obligated to pay back the principal mortgage loan of the house, plus interest, until it is paid off. If a homeowner finds it difficult to make a mortgage payment, the bank can offer a spe (MORE)

What is the use of the mortgage calculator?

A mortgage calculator will help one understand the amount one will have to repay given a set of interest rate and mortgage duration assumptions. It will also be useful in understanding the impact on repayments if the interest rate were to rise.

What are equity loan mortgages used for?

Equity loan mortgages can be used for almost anything that the bank that is financing the loan has agreed they can be used for. The homeowner must make sure they know their home is at risk if they do not repay as they have agreed.

What is a lending tree mortgage used for?

Lending Tree is a mortgage referral service which compares the best rates depending on a number of factors such as remaining term on the mortgage, remaining balance, equity in the property. They will also look at your personal circumstances financially. Lending Tree are not available once the mortga (MORE)

What are mortgage websites used for?

Mortgage websites are used for calculating whether you qualify for a mortgage loan. They can determine if your credit history meets the requirements for approval.

What is a self certify mortgage used for?

Self certify mortgage was introduced to help home buyers who had funds available for deposit on a property. These home buyers were unable to demonstrate their true earnings because they are either self employed or working as contractor.

What is the use of a consolidate mortgage?

A consolidated mortgage is used to combine two or more outstanding mortgages. The mortgages may or may not be the same property. Sometimes a consolidated mortgage results in lower interest rates.