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How many mph does a 303 rifle bullet go?

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I'm assuming you're talking about the .303 Savage (there's also a .303 British). It varies by a number of factors, with one of the foremost being barrel length. Generally speaking, you can expect a velocity of around 2,090 ft/s (bullet velocities are usually expressed in ft/s rather than mph), but the actual results could vary greatly, again dependent on a number of factors.
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\n \n\n. \n. 303 was the .303 inch diameter bullet that was fired by the Short Magazine Lee Enfield- or SMLE. Standard rifle of the British military from 1907 to the 1960s,

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  Bullets from rifles and handguns can travel up to several thousand feet per second, so just as a mere example, a bullet traveling at 2000 FPS is traveling 1467.81 MPH.

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