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How many mph does a ak47 bullet go?

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How many bullets does a AK47 hold?

30 in Standard mags 40 in Extended mags 75 in Drum mags those were the common mags, there are also custom 60 round mags that look like 2 standard ones back to back that form

How many mph does an average skateboard go?

Average skateboard going downhill can easily go over 15 mph. A long board or ones designed for skating streets and highways can hit over 60 mph.

How fast can a bullet go in mph?

  Bullets from rifles and handguns can travel up to several thousand feet per second, so just as a mere example, a bullet traveling at 2000 FPS is traveling 1467.81 MPH.

How many mph can a Polaris Ranger go?

  Well it depends,if you have a 500engine,40mph. 700engine,45 or 50mph. If you have a 800engine,55mph.

How many mph does a 303 rifle bullet go?

I'm assuming you're talking about the .303 Savage (there's also a .303 British). It varies by a number of factors, with one of the foremost being barrel length. Generally spea

How fast does a bullet travel in mph?

761 mph (miles per hour) (The muzzle velocity of a bullet varies widely depending on the caliber, type of bullet, type of cartridge, the powder charge, and the gun barrel. Muz

How many mph does a bugatti go?

400MPH LOL it could dp only 263 mph but it's limited to only 258 because if it went beond 263 the tyres would burst and/or the car would of take off do the the g-gorces and ce