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Worldwide National Sports List of countries' national sports/pastimes * Afghanistan - Buzkashi * Albania - Football * Argentina - Football * Australia - Cricket is the traditional summer sport. Different football codes are the most popular winter sports in different parts of the country. Australian Rules Football is the most popular in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, while Rugby League and/or Rugby Union are more popular in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. * Austria - Football, Alpine skiing * Bangladesh - Cricket * Barbados - Cricket * Belgium - Cycling is the most popular sport in Belgium: during winter a variant of cycling called Cyclocross ("veldrijden") is the pastime for most Belgians (certainly in Flanders). Belgium dominates this cycling discipline. Football is also quite popular. * Bhutan - Archery * Brazil - Football is considered the national obsession, and volleyball also has a large number of participants. * Bulgaria - Football Bulgarians are often dominant in weightlifting and in chess * Canada - Lacrosse is the official summer sport and ice hockey is the official winter sport, but hockey is by far the sport most closely followed, and most closely linked to national pride. Designating lacrosse as an official sport is more of a nod to history than a reflection of the present-day situation: sports like basketball, Canadian football (but probably also American football), soccer, golf, baseball, tennis are all much more popular. Canada is also the world's dominant force in the sport of curling. * People's Republic of China - Table tennis, but Football is gaining popularity at an increasing rate, as demonstrated by the increasing amount of success enjoyed by the national team. o Hong Kong - Dragon boat racing, badminton, windsurfing, rugby, fencing * Republic of China (Taiwan) - baseball * Colombia - Tejo is the traditional sport, as is bullfighting, but football (soccer) is the main attraction, followed by baseball and basketball. * Croatia - Football. Handball, water polo and basketball are also widely popular. * Cuba - Baseball * Czech Republic - Ice hockey and football are almost equally popular. * Denmark - Football * Dominican Republic - Baseball * Egypt - Football is the most popular and most watched sport. * Estonia - Football * Fiji - Rugby union, particularly Sevens * Finland - Pes�pallo (Finnish baseball) is the national sport, but ice hockey is most followed * France - Football, but rugby union is popular in the south. Basketball is also played. Cycling is also very widely followed. * Gambia - Wrestling * Germany - Football * Greece - Football is most popular, with basketball and volleyball right behind. * Guyana - Cricket * Haiti - Football * Iceland - Glima * India - Field hockey is the official sport (winners of 8 Olympic Golds), but cricket is the most popular (Winners of 1983 World Cup) * Indonesia - Badminton, football * Iran - Football (soccer) is by far the most popular sport, although there are many other sports played in Iran. * Ireland - of indigenous games promoted by the Gaelic Athletic Association, hurling is the most ancient (featuring in such pre-Christian legends as C�chulainn) but Gaelic football is more widely played and popular. Gaelic handball is increasingly rare. Soccer and rugby union are also popular, and the Irish are noted for turning up in great numbers for virtually any sporting occaison where there are Irish competiting. * Israel - Football and basketball * Italy - Football is the most practised sport by young men. Volleyball is the most practised sport by young women. Bocce is the most practised sport by seniors. Cycling is also widely popular. However, only men's football has high TV coverage. * Jamaica - Cricket and football * Japan - Sumo wrestling is traditionally viewed as Japan's national sport, but baseball is today more popular, and football is rapidly increasing in popularity. Rugby also has a substantial following. * Kenya - Football is the most watched and followed sport with Athletics being more competitive because of International success. Rugby is also popular and is the fastest growing sport. * Korea - Tae kwon do is traditional, baseball is highly popular as is football. South Korea is also a major force in archery, speed skating (mainly short track), and women's golf. * Latvia - Novuss, football, ice hockey * Lebanon - Football * Lithuania - Basketball is most closely linked to national identity, with football also widely followed. * Malaysia - Silat, gasing, and wau are traditional, but football and badminton are the most popular today. * Mexico - Charrer�a is traditional, but football is most popular today, with baseball also widely played and followed. * Mongolia - Wrestling and archery. * Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro until 2006, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992-2006, Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia 1945-1992, Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918-1945, Kingdom of Montenegro until 1918) - Basketball, Volleyball, Water Polo (in all 3 sports several times European, World and Olympic champions and vice-champions under names Serbia-Montenegro and FR Yugoslavia); Tennis is very popular (with Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Jelena Jankovic in world top singles, and Nenad Zimonjic and Janko Tipsarevic in world top doubles; previously with Monika Seles as a world champion - before taking dual Serbian-American citizenship, and Slobodan - Boba Zivojinovic (in double witn McEnroe); Football is the most practised sport by young men; Volleyball is the most practised sport by young women; Karate is very popular and Montenegrin teams and individuals are constantly in world top, with many world champion medals; Mountaineering, Alpine Climbing, Free Climbing and Speleology are olso very popular activities/sports in Montenegro. * Nauru - Australian rules football * Netherlands - Football has the largest following, but cycling and speed skating are seen as traditional sports; volleyball, baseball (known locally as honkbal) and field hockey are also played. * New Zealand - Rugby union is the easily the most widely followed and most closely linked to national pride (Rugby League being very far behind), although more young children today play soccer. Netball is one of the most popular sports among girls and young women, and men have organised some teams of their own. Cricket is played during summer and is the national summer sport. Yachting and rowing are also popular water sports. * Nicaragua - Baseball * Nigeria - Football * Norway - Skiing, both Nordic and Alpine, but football is the most popular sport. * Pakistan - Field hockey is the official sport (winners of the Gold in 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994), but cricket is the most popular (winners of the world cup in 1992) * Papua New Guinea - Rugby league * Philippines - Basketball is the de facto national pastime, attarcting huge crowds. Badminton, volleyball and chess, along with basketball have the largest number of participants. Sipa is the traditional sport. Plus Baseball is increasing in popularity. * Poland - Football * Portugal - Football, rink hockey and cycling are very popular and have a great tradition. * Romania - Oina (very similar but unrelated to baseball) is the traditional sport, but Football is much more popular nowadays. Rugby also has a fairly decent stronghold. * Russia - Football, Ice Hockey, Sambo * Samoa - Rugby union * Saudi Arabia - Falconry and horse racing are traditional, but football draws the largest number of spectators. * Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro until 2006) - Basketball, Volleyball, Water Polo (in all 3 sports several times European, World and Olympic champions and vice-champions); Tennis is very popular (with Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Jelena Jankovic in world top singles, and Nenad Zimonjic and Janko Tipsarevic in world top doubles; previously with Monika Seles as a world champion - before taking dual Serbian-American citizenship, and Slobodan - Boba Zivojinovic (in double witn McEnroe); Football is the most practised sport by young men; Volleyball is the most practised sport by young women; Karate is very popular and Serbian and Montenegrin teams and individuals are constantly in world top, with many world champion medals; Swimming is also very popular (Dragan Cavic world record holder in butterfly); Mountaineering, Alpine Climbing, Free Climbing and Speleology are olso very popular activities/sports in Serbia and in Montenegro. * Singapore - Football, swimming, badminton, basketball and table tennis * Slovakia - Ice hockey and football are almost equally popular. * Slovenia - Alpine skiing * Soviet Union - Chess, Ice Hockey * South Africa - Football has historically been most popular with blacks, rugby union with Afrikaners, and cricket with British-descended whites. This ethnic division still exists to some degree, though considerably less so than during the apartheid era. * Spain - football is very popular in Spain. * Sri Lanka - Cricket * Switzerland - Schwingen, stone throwing and Hornussen, all traditional games, are popular in rural Switzerland, although football is most popular overall, and ice hockey is rising in popularity. * Sweden - Football and ice hockey are almost equally popular. Bandy is the traditional swedish wintersport. * Thailand - Muay Thai * Tonga - Rugby union * Trinidad and Tobago- football was the most popular sports on the twin Caribbean islands with cricket a close second; TT will be part of the partnership in hosting the World Cup Cricket Tournament in the Caribbean in 2006. * Turkey - Football * Ukraine - Football * United Arab Emirates - Camel racing is traditional, but football is the most popular. * United Kingdom o England - Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in England and is their national sport, though Rugby Union is also popular, and Rugby Leauge attracts crowds in the North. Cricket is played more in the summer. o Scotland - Native sport is Shinty, but football attracts much larger crowds. It was also the birthplace of golf, which is more often associated with Scotland than anywhere else. o Wales - traditionally Rugby union, but football is played by more people. However, the Welsh national rugby team attracts the most interest of any Welsh team, especially due to the weakness of Welsh soccer. Certainly only rugby union can attract instances like the 40,000 supporters who travelled to Scotland for a Six Nations game or the 400,000 who watched Wales win the Grand Slam in a public square. o Overseas territories and crown dependencies of the United Kingdom + Bermuda - Cricket * United States - Baseball has historically been considered America's national pastime and a significant aspect of American culture, but American football and stock car racing presently have a larger number of television viewers. Other popular sports include basketball and ice hockey o American Samoa - American football o Puerto Rico - Baseball * Uzbekistan - Kurash * Venezuela - Football is now the most popular, largely in thanks to Colombian, Portuguese, and Italian immigrants, without which Baseball would probably have the most followers. * Vietnam - Football is the dominant sport. Many others are striving for second place, such as tennis, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and martial arts.
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How many national titles does LSU have in all sports?

Answer . LSU has two national championships in football (1958, 2003), and will very likely have another (2007) by the time you read this.. LSU has five national championships in baseball (1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000).. Men's indoor track and field: 2. Women's indoor track and field: 11. Men' (MORE)

What is Australia's national sport?

Australia does not have an official national sport. However, unofficially, the national sport would beregarded as cricket. According to the sourceRepucom/ Daily Telegraph, which surveyed a cross-section of thepopulation, cricket was selected as the most popular sport inAustralia by participatio (MORE)

What is the national sport of Iraq?

Answer . Soccer, which is called football there. Iraq has a strong football team and won Asia cup for the year 2008, outstanding player is younis mahmood

What is the national sport of US?

The national sport and the most popular sport of USA is football. Answer: There is no official national sport. More people are involved in baseball than in football, especially on the grassroots level.

How many National Championships does the University of Georgia have in all sports?

Through spring 2007 . The NCAA does not conduct a championship for the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I FBS - formerly Division I-A). Instead, these teams participate in a national championship system developed by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) organization. . Past Division I (MORE)

What is canadas national sport?

lacrosse is our national sport even though we play hockey more. But after 1994 hockey became our witer national sport and lacrosse our summer national sport

What is the national sport of Jamaica?

Meter running is the national sport but other sports are played there. The other sports are table tennis, cricket, soccer, surfing, scuba diving, dominoes, and volleyball. They also have bobsledding which made a worldwide hit movie Cool Runnings

What is the national sport of Sweden?

Football (soccer) . Ice hockey . Bandy - the fastest team sport in the world. . Athletics . Orienteering . Gymnastics . Swimming . Martial Arts . Riding Sports

How many national titles does Alabama have in all sports?

Football 14 National titles (this is a highly debatable number but the University and any Alabama fan will give you this answer). Auburn fans and Bama haters will argue this is inflated and only recognize 9. Women's golf 1 NC (in 2012) Women's softball 1 NC (in 2012-only SEC school to ever win a S (MORE)

How many national championships have UCLA won in all sports?

Baseball Playing upwards of 60 games per season, the UCLA baseball team endures a grueling schedule. . Basketball UCLA basketball continues to excel well after John Wooden's legendary tenure, adding an 11th Championship banner in 1995 and reaching the Championship game in 2006. . Cross Country Whi (MORE)

How many national championships has the University of South Carolina won in all sports?

The Gamecocks have won seven national team championships: 2010 National Championship in baseball, 2002 NCAA championship in women's track & field, 2005 & 2007 National Championship in women's equestrian, and 2005-2007 Hunt Seat National Championships in women's equestrian. Also, the men's and women' (MORE)

Is curling Canada's national sport?

Curling and hockey are popularly (but I don't know about officially) are both considered the national sports of Canada. Hockey is obviously more popular, but curling is also quite popular, especially in the Manitoba.

What is India's national sport?

India has no official national sport according to the ministry ofsports. However, as noted by Wikipedia, the de facto (unofficial)national sport is Field Hockey.

Is soccer Ghana's national sport?

Yes. But there, they call it, strangely, football. The national men's football teams are known as The Black Stars, the Black Satellites and the Black Starlets. They have participated in many championships including the African Cup of Nations, the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup. On Octobe (MORE)

Is cricket the national sport of India?

No, Sport in India includes cricket, chess, badminton, field hockey, lawn tennis, football, golf. Though field hockey is the national sport of India, cricket is the most popular sport in the country.

How many NCAA national championships has Auburn University won in all sports?

Five I am not sure where they got 5 from but if you include all sporting events Auburn University has won 18. Football- 1957, 2010 Men's Swimming and Diving- 1997, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 Equestrian- 2006, 2011 Outdoor Track and Field- 2006 Women's Swimming and Diving- 2002, 2003, (MORE)

What is there national sport in puerto rico?

The national sport of Puerto Rico is Paso Fino, which is ahorse-related sport. It was made the official sport by the Puerto Rican government in1966. Contrary to popular belief, American baseball is not the nationalsport of Puerto Rico. Although the US claims ownership of PuertoRico, the independen (MORE)

What is the national sport of the Virgin Islands?

surfing and skydiving is the national sport of virgin islands. surfing is one because its an island country and has many beaches. Skydiving because virgin islands has fresh air and most tourist skydive for fun and also virgin island has won the titles in the national skydiving league championship.

How many national championships has Texas university won in all sports?

Texas has won a total of 47 national championships and 39 of them were NCAA championships, here are some of the championship sports:4 national championships in football 3 under Darrell K. Royal, and 1 under Mack Brown: in 1963,1969,1970,and 2005. Texas baseball has 6 national championships including (MORE)

What sport is Kosovo's national sport?

Kosovo's national sport is guxhas. It is played in team of 21 people where one is the guxha and others are players. The guxha's have to stand naked while the players hit him on genitals with a unshaped piece of wood. Guxha's are prefered to be from Albanian ethnic majority living in Kosovo. The Guxh (MORE)

What sport is Ireland's national sport?

Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland in terms of match attendance and community involvement, and represents 34% of total sports attendances at events in Ireland and abroad, this is followed by hurling at 23%, Soccer at 16% and rugby at 8%.

What sport is Canada national sport?

Lacrosse referred to as simply "hockey", is Canada national sport. A fast paced game, lacrosse is played with a ball and a racquet, called a lacrosse "stick".

How many national championships had lsu won in all sports?

Baseball: 6 Men's Basketball: 1 Women's Basketball: 0 Football: 3 Men's Golf: 4 Women's Golf: 0 Women's Gymnastics: 0 Women's Soccer: 0 Softball: 0 Swimming and Diving: 0 Men's Tennis: 0 Women's Tennis: 0 Men's Indoor Track and Field: 2 Women's Indoor Track and Field: 11 Men's Outdoor Track and Fie (MORE)

How many national sports teams does Georgia have?

Georgia has 4 National sport teams. All based in Atlanta. They are (baseball) the Braves, (basketball) the Hawks, (football) the Falcons, and (hockey) the Thrashers. . The Atlanta Thrashers relocated prior to the 2011-12 season. They are now the Winnipeg Jets, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (MORE)