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What is the number for ObamaCare?

ObamaCare does not have "a number" as it's not a plan. It's a  regulatory framework which covers a whole bunch of areas in the  healthcare system.   If you have question

Why did the colonist object to these new taxes?

Because they were taxed without representation which means no colonist representatives were present when Parliament decided to tax the colonies.

What is the inheritance tax in New Hampshire?

  Inheritances passing to the spouse, descendant, or ascendant are not subject to taxes in New Hampshire. Exceptions apply also to charitable organizations. Other beques

How did the colonies respond to the new british taxes?

Many of the British taxes mad the colonists angry. One tax that really made the colonist angry was the stamp act which put a tax on all paper goods such as newspapers. The tax

How many pages are in the ObamaCare act?

The online version has about 900 pages. This probably looks like a large number, but it is actually typical-- many pieces of major congressional legislation contain hundreds o

Where must new tax laws be submitted?

  Federal tax laws must be submitted in the House of Representatives. Requirements for state and local tax laws depend on the state constitution and the state laws.

Why did Britain impose new taxes on the colonies?

In order to pay the debts she had incurred in paying for the french  and Indian War, AKA the Seven Years War. Leading up to during and  after the French and Indian war, Brit

Why did the british protest new taxes on the colonists?

The British (specifically the King) put taxes on the colonists because England had just fought in a war and needed to pay off their war debts. They created new taxes to get mo

What is the tax rate for a new car in Iowa?

 Iowa Automobile Rental Tax   Description: This is an excise tax imposed on  the rental of passenger vehicles designed to carry nine or fewer  passengers that are rente