How many packs of cigarettes are sold annually in the US?

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according to Dave Hitt at: about 30 billion packs are sold annually in the U.S.
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How many minivans were sold in the us?

Answer . Too many to count!. Chrysler has a big portion with the minivan market, but General Motors caught up and exeeded them. Minivans from GM are the top-selling, currently, with Dodge Caravan not far behind. Ford also has a pretty big portion.

What does fsc stand for on cigarette PACKS SOLD IN MA.?

Answer FIRE SAFE CIGARETTES ...>From my understanding its not extra paper in the cigarette to make it go out , its a new chemical that tobbaco companys has put into the cigarretes . This chemical was tested and found that when smoking these cigarettes , you are 15x more likely to have health probl (MORE)

How many cigarettes are sold in a day?

About 1 billion per day (in 2006). According to the USDA, "Output for 2006 was 484.0 billion cigarettes...", but the consumption was 371 billion pieces for the same year. Calculating the number per day from there is simple division; 371 billion cigarettes divided by 365 days equals 1,016,438,356.16 (MORE)

How many cigarette packs are sold in the US in one day?

RE: 400 packs are sold a day. I think you're a little off... in 1998 (which are the only valid numbers I can come across online) there were 451 billion cigarettes consumed in the U.S. That's 22.5 billion packs of cigarettes sold in one year. Therefore: 22.5b / 365 days = ~ 62,000,000 packs of ci (MORE)

How many cigarettes are sold each year?

In the US, production and import was 484 billion cigarettes in 2006, with sales of 371 billion pieces for the same year (equal to about 1 billion cigarettes, or 50 million packs per day).

Why pack cigarettes?

Most people pack cigarettes in order to make the tobacco tighter. When the tobacco is tighter, the cigarette burns slower and therefore lasts longer. Some people do it as a nervous habit as well.

How many packs in a carton cigarettes Canada?

"why should anyone know that answer? only people from Canada would know that. ask one of them." It's a fairly standard number across most countries. There are 200 cigarettes in a carton, 20 cigarettes in a pack, so there are 10 packs in a carton. Most cigarettes are sold in 200s cartons.

How many pack of cigarettes are there in a ream?

a ream of cigarettes is usually defined by a total of 10 packs or packets, which usually contain 20 cigarettes each, making it 200 cigarettes per ream. however, with the existence of 10 cigarette packets, the no of cigarettes per ream has been in dispute. many hold that 200 cigarettes is still th (MORE)

How many packs of cigarette can you take on a plane?

I don't know, but I hope a lot. I don't smoke, but am planning a trip next month to Indonesia and they sell Marlboro's for $1 a pack. I figure a couple of suitcases full and I could start me a little business when I returned...

How many Porsche's sold in us?

Historically Porsche sold about 40-50% of their total worldwide production vehicles in their largest market (the USA) in any given year. In the 1980's total world production for Porsche was about 50,000 cars so they were selling about 25,000 a year in the US then. In 1990, due to the worldwide reces (MORE)

How many pounds does a pack of cigarettes burn?

Your meaning is unclear. Cigarettes burn tobacco. The amount of tobacco in each cigarette amounts to perhaps 0.5 gm. Therefore, you would need to burn approximately 100 cigarettes per pound.

How many bullets sold in the US?

No exact number. About 39% of the small arms ammo in the world ismade in the US. Annual production of the world is about 14 BILLIONrounds of ammunition. About 5.5 Billion cartridges a year.

How many guns are sold annually?

In the US, for non-government use, about 3.8 million NEW guns last year. That does not include resale of older guns. Figures are not available for all other countries

How many pack of cigarettes are sold in California per year?

According to an article in NY times (In California, a Furious Fight Over Raising Cigarette Tax, 2012), 750 million dollars will be raised in a year if cigarettes are taxed additional 1 dollar per pack in California. I would assume that more than 750 millions packs are sold each year providing the nu (MORE)

How many chemicals are in one pack of cigarettes?

In the pack, there are (per tobacco industry report) 599 chemicals. When the cigarette burns, however, chemical reactions occur and many other chemicals are created--hence the 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke figure.

Why are cigarettes still sold in US?

Because they are legal cash crop, the USA makes billions from tobacco every year, and because as Prohibition proved with alcohol in the 1930s; it is extremely difficult to make something illegal if the people really want it, no matter how unhealthy it really is.

How many packs of cigarettes do smokers smoke a day?

That depends on what kind of a smoker you are. The average smoker will probably have about 1 to 4 smokes a day. The most addicting smoker will probably have about 4 to 7 smokes a day. Since smoking is so addictive sometimes they will have even more smokes a day!

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Actually, very few. Although a gun can be SOLD on line, if it is crossing a state line to get to the new owner, the gun MUST be shipped to a dealer in that person's state. The dealer does the same paperwork and background checks as if you were buying the gun from him. But some people would have you (MORE)

How many flashlights are sold in the US annually?

How many persons in USA, the average is a flashlight for a person.So it is a big market, especially for some unique flashlight, it isgood time to introduce imalent flashlight with remoter, touchscreen, and variable color temprature. People always want to trynew things for their curiosities.