How many pages of the Aeneid did Virgil write per day?

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Approximately three lines per day

There is a tradition that Virgil worked at about a rate of 3 lines per day. Since the poem is 9896 lines long, and we know that Virgil worked on it for the last ten years of his life, this approximation seems about right. The number of pages depends upon how many lines are printed on a page. If there are 30 lines per page, the answer is about a tenth of a page per day, or 10 days per page.

This is of course an average; one would expect that he wrote more on some days and none on others. It seems probable that the tradition of three lines per day was arrived at by just this calculation.
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What is the Aeneid about?

The Aeneid is about the adventures of Aeneas after the Fall of Troy. He was forced to flee with his father and his son, but his wife was lost in the chaos. With them and other fugitives, he tried to fulfill his prophecy of becoming a great ruler in Italy, but Juno (the goddess) hated him just becaus (MORE)

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How many books are in The Aeneid?

There are twelve books in the Aeneid. Books I-VI detail the voyage from Troy to Italy. They form a voyage-epic, like the Odyssey. Books VII-XII recount the war with the Italian indigenes before Lavinia can be founded. They form a war-epic, like the Iliad.

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What is Aeneid about?

The Aeneid details the voyage of Aeneas as he flees his home cityTroy after the Trojan war. Aeneas is travelling to Italy where heis destined to found Rome. The Aeneid tells of his trials whiletraveling.

Why did virgil write The Aeneid?

We do not know precisely why Vergil wrote the Aeneid, but the poets of the early Augustan period had grown up in a period when Rome suffered extended civil wars punctuated by harsh military juntas. Vergil, Horace, Ovid and Propertius all at various times mention how tired they are of constant civi (MORE)

How many ships were left after the women burned them in the Aeneid?

After the women burn the ships only four remain in repairable state. This is why Aeneas has to leave the old, the infirm, and the women on Sicily. (Leaving the women behind on Sicily is necessary to the story, since it makes it obligatory for the Trojans to marry local girls when the get to Lavinum (MORE)

When did Virgil write The Aeneid?

Vergil left the Aeneid incomplete at his death in 19 BC. He seems to have been working on the poem for at least ten years. Vergil left instructions that the poem should be destroyed if he died before it was finished. Luckily his executors ignored this codicil.

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What is Virgil and Aeneid?

Vergil (Publius Vergilius Maro) was a first-century BC poet who wrote the Aeneid : the Roman national epic poem.

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How many pages are in the Aeneid?

The Aeneid is a poem. It has 12 books, with each book being around 800 lines long. How many pages that takes will depend on how many lines you have per page.

Who did Virgil write the Aeneid for?

It's not clear how the poem was started, or if Virgil was commissioned to do it originally, but Augustus read part of it and ordered Virgil to continue. As it was not finished at his death, Virgil wanted it destroyed, but Augustus overruled him and had it published. So you could loosely say that Vir (MORE)

Why did vergil write the Aeneid?

There are many reasons why the Aeneid was written. First off it was a commissioned work that Vergil didn't really want to write but was forced to, and it was incomplete at the time of Vergil's death. Possible other reasons why it was written are to validate the origins of Rome as mandated by Fate an (MORE)

Why did Virgil write Aeneid?

Because it had never been written down. It was important for the Romans to document things and to them, the Aeneid was the story of their origins, and was considered historical.

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How many books did Virgil write?

The concept of a "book" didn't actually exist when Virgil was alive. He composed poems to entertain Caesar Augustus, and he would've recited them out loud rather than write them down. His most major work is the epic poem The Aeneid, and he is also known for his georgics (poems about farming). Basic (MORE)

Why did Virgil want to burn the Aeneid?

Virgil was incredibly committed to the Aeneid; however, he had not quite finished the whole thing by the time he was on his deathbed. There were still some lines where the scansion/meter wasn't right, for example. Thus, he decided, as he lay dying, that he would rather it be burned than left unfinis (MORE)

How was virgil author of the Aeneid related to Caesar Augustus?

Virgil was not related by blood to Augustus. He is associated with Augustus by his work, the Aeneid. Augustus is the one who commissioned Virgil to write it. Virgil was not related by blood to Augustus. He is associated with Augustus by his work, the Aeneid. Augustus is the one who commissioned Vir (MORE)

How did virgils epic poem the Aeneid reawaken roman pride?

The Aeneid awakened Roman pride in several ways especially since the Romans were so very ancestor conscious. Two of the ways that it instilled pride were that it gave them a heroic history where the hero, by being true to his destiny or mission, overcame the forces pitted against him. It gave them a (MORE)

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How many syllables are in each line of The Aeneid?

The Aeneid was written in dactylic hexameter. The meter consists oflines made from six feet . In strictdactylic hexameter, each of these feet would be a dactyl (a long and two short syllables), butclassical meter allows for the substitution of a spondee (two long syllables) in place of a dactyl (MORE)

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