How many parts in a car?

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I have read that it's about 15000 to 20000 but I believe this refers most likely to things that a mechanic or parts-man would consider to be "parts" but which would each contain many, many parts themselves.
I would really like to know how many discrete components there are if one broke it down to individual manufacturing steps. For argument's sake I would accept, for example, that an old fashioned glass tube fuse could be considered one part, not four; but a CV joint or a fuel pump or an emissions computer are definitely not just one part each. I suspect that the answer from this point of view would be much larger, probably 10 or even 100 times.
If someone could answer this I would really appreciate it and I would also like to know how many there are in a modern car compared to one of 30 or more years ago.
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How many years does a car maker have to supply parts for?

A car maker doesn't have to supply parts for any amount of time to my knowledge. It is like any other business. The car companies can run them as they please... That is until

How many parts does a car body consist of?

It depends which type of car. Many cars have such parts like: hood and trunk lid, right and left front and rear fenders, front and rear bumpers, roof, two or four doors, and
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How many parts has a car?

The amount of parts to build a car vary wildly depending on thetype and model of a car. On average though a car made in the US bya major car manufacture will contain about 500
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Do cars have many parts?

Yes. Cars are not as simple as Bikes, but not as complicated as Planes.
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How many car parts are in dude and zombies?

In the flash game dude and zombies, you need to repair 6 pieces of your broken down vehicle while hordes zombie maliciously punch, bite, and try to kill you.
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How many part are in a car engine?

Even the simplest car engine would have over 500 parts. There are many very complicated engines with thousands of parts.