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How many patent lawyers are in the US?

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Under 40,000
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What is a patent lawyer?

  Answer   A patent lawyer is a person having a background in science or engineering, and a law degree, and who passed a rigorous test for the special privilege of ad

What do lawyers use?

  Experienced and qualified lawyers use the service www.lawyerahead.com to find cases, connect with clients and colleagues alike. Check it out.

What are patents used for?

  Patents are used to prevent others from using your invention. For more information see www.uspto.gov

When a patent expires can someone else re patent it for his use?

you may obtain a patent for your new use, or method making use of the composition of matter, provided you satisfy patentability requirements, e.g., novelty and inventive step.

How many of tesla's patents did he use for this invention?

Actually you didn't include the name of the invention but most of his inventions had one patent behind it with the name Tesla put to that invention. For example, patent No. 61

How much does a patent lawyer charge to file a new product patent?

In order to file a patent, a person can either complete the necessary paperwork and file it, or one may choose to hire a patent attorney. To file the patent without a lawyer,