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How many people are in the world right now?

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There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world as of May 2017.
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How many ak47s are there in the world right now?

How many? A LOT- but wedon't know exactly how many. The World Bank estimated more than 100 million Kalashnikovs exist- about 75 million of them the AK 47 variant. However, Rus

How many people are right handed in the world?

The ratio of left handed people to right handed people is 1:10 and there are around 6,692,030,277 in the world, so that means that around 6 022 827 249 right handed people.

How many guns are there in the world right now?

No one knows an exact number. Many nations have no registration of privately owned firearms, and governments do not like to publish defense information on how many weapons the

How many cats are there in the world right now?

There are over 2 million cats in the world right now.Did you know that at least 2/5 of all the cats in the world are either being 1)starved,2)abused,or 3)abandoned?Make a dona

How many people are in the US right now?

  Answer   301,139,947 (July 2007 est.)   according to the cia you can find this at their website listed below.

How many people are in the world now?

As of January 2012 there are in excess of 7 billion people in the world. This number is increasing daily.

How many people are hungry right now?

  13% of the population or 963 million. Far too many when FAO statistics show that one and a half times the food necessary to provide everyone on earth with a nutritious