How many people commit suicide a year do to cyber bullying?

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Figures suggest approximately 1:3 children, that have access to the internet or mobile 'phones, are involved in cyberbullying. Either as victims or proponents.

It is extremely difficult to say how many have committed suicide due ONLY to cyber bullying the figure is probably a significant percentage of the total.

Alarmists quote abnormally high figures while detractors quote abnormally low ones.

This question, though very important, has been locked because of the lack of true and verifiable statistics available. Please leave any comments and valid statistics in the discussion area.
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How many people that are bullied commit suicide?

Tons Of kids Commit Suicide From Getting bullied and it needs to BE stop... Its more serious than you think. If u agree DO SOMETHING about it.. BTW im not a victim but i seen and its not funny. This answer above is really bad, they didn't give a statistic and they have horrible English. Please someo (MORE)

How many people committed suicide?

There are a great many people who have committed suicide in theUnited States alone. This number is in the thousands just in thepast few years.

How many people are getting cyber bullied a year?

September 2006, ABC News reported on a survey prepared by I-Safe.Org. This 2004 survey of 1,500 students between grades 4-8 reported: . 42% of kids have been bullied while online. One in four have had it happen more than once. . 35% are special ed . 21% of kids have received mean or threatening (MORE)

How many kids commit suicide each year because of bullying?

Roughly 1.7 children per hundred thousand commit suicide in anygiven year in the US (4400 total suicides is an oft cited rawnumber out of a population the 2010 US Census reports as 72+million children). The correlation with bullying is not well knownenough to give a more explicit answer. (The CDC's (MORE)

How many people commit suicide due to bullying?

4,400 deaths per year are by commiting suicide. There are a 100 suicide attempts a year that dont work.Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.Please can you help and stop bulling.

Why do people commit suicide when they get bullied?

Because when people get bullied they get stress, and when they get stressed out they feel like "everything would be better when I'm not around," so they just commit suicide to themselves. However, it doesn't make everyone happier, it just depresses his/her loved ones. Some people seem to take bul (MORE)

How does cyber bullying contribute to suicide?

When you are cyber-bullied you feel very self-concious and are very unsure of urself. The bully eventually makes you feel worthless and u feel so bad about yourself, hate yourself so much, that you just want to die.

Do the people who bully others commit suicide?

Very rarely do they ever feel guilty over bullying to commit suicide. Usually, the worst of the bullies never feel that level of remorse. They feel they were justified or that they were helping to further evolution. But then again, sometimes bullies are victims of abuse or bullying too, or they ma (MORE)

How many young people commit suicide per year?

Approximately 1100 college ages students, and 1 in 10 consider suicide each year. In some areas of the country rates are higher... The highest rates of suicide occur on Native American reservations, where there is a suicide or two a week on most. The next highest rates occur in Appalachia. Further (MORE)

How many people get cyber bullied a year on their mobile phones?

Many kids get cell phones when they are in middle school, which iswhen bullying, including text bullying, is most common. Almost 9out of 10 teens have a cell phone, and about 1 in 5 will be victimsof a text bully. About 1 of 10 engage in text bullying. textbullying has become more common then tradit (MORE)

How many bully victims commit suicide each year?

decided i was curious to so i did some research apparently there is no exact number do to the fact there could of been other causes involved but its in the thousands world wide i don't want to plagiarize so I am going to give you some links below hope this helps

Why do people commit suicide because of bullying?

because they have just dealt with too long and no one has done anything to help them at all only contribute so they do the only thing they can do to stop it quit life and hopefully people will learn

How many people are arrested a year because of Cyber bullying?

In 2010, 17 people in America alone were arrested for cyber bullying. Worldwide, there were 43 individuals arrested for cyber bullying. There was a jump in cyber bullying crimes in 2012, which resulted in 36 individuals being arrested in America and 97 people being arrested worldwide. The numbers ar (MORE)

What should a Bully or Cyber-Bully say to the Victim in the Coffin if the Victim Committed Suicide from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

Unfortunately, at that point, he wouldn't be able to say anything. Too bad the victim didn't understand bullies are just going though emotional issues. They need to shatter one's sense of self to gain a false sense of superiority. In high school, this one guy on the football team bullied me. Well, m (MORE)

How do you make it so that 33000 people do not commit suicide from Bullying or Cyber-Bullying?

Make the internet illegal, or; Well the person who is on the other side of the technology needs to show the police when somebody starts cyber bullying them and they will get in trouble for it and maybe even go inside jail depending on how old they are and even if they are like younger than 18 the (MORE)

How many People Commit Suicide during a School Year from Bullying?

According to the CDC, around 4,440 deaths per year are attributed to suicide, with 7% of high school pupils attempting suicide. In a British study, 50% of suicides amongst young people are attributed to bullying of one form or another. See related links, below, for more information. Previous An (MORE)

What should a Victim say to the Bullies or Cyber-Bullies before they Commit Suicide?

The victim should not commit suicide. If they did then the bully has broken them down, which is what they want to do because their own life is such a mess. They cannot handle the pressures of whatever it is that is causing them to bully others and that is why they do it. Most bullies don't bul (MORE)

How many people committed suicide in the year 2019?

To answer your question I would have to enter a time machine and project myself to the year 2020. Since currently this technology is unavailable I can only say that if our numbers continue to progress as they have in the past it will likely be around 25 out of every 100,00 people.

Do people who committed suicide from bullying go to Hell?

There is no way to know. . Answer Suicide is always a serious sin. Any time that you are choosing to NOT deal with what God has permitted to happen in your life, you are choosing hell right then even if you're still alive. Everything that happens in your life, no matter how horrible, is, at least (MORE)

How many people cyber bully on wikianswers?

Not many. Many wikis are wary of trolling, spamming and cyberbullying. If any occurs, usually a Supervisor will know about it and block the bully. Keep your personal information safe; an average troll could always cyberbully from an e-mail and such.

Why did Kristina Calco Commit Suicide from Bullying and Cyber-Bullying?

I didn't know Kristina that well but I heard about her story :( its really sad and well apparently she was bullied since the 7th grade at school and she never had a boyfriend until 10th grade but he dumped her and she didn't want to go to formal dance until about the last minute when her mom took he (MORE)

Should or shouldn't commit suicide from bullying or cyber-bullying?

I believe you shouldn't commit suicide from bullying/cyber-bullying, people who attempt suicide, but don't commit it often are glad they didn't complete suicide, it only gets better from there. Plus people will be sad if a person commits suicide because they will lose a friend or a family member or (MORE)

How does Committing Suicide Help you from Bullying and Cyber-Bullying?

committing suicide is not the answer, if you are getting cyberbully show your parents or someone you can trust they can help you get though this. If you are getting cyberbullied on a social network site delete your account then the bullys cant get to you, but if you are getting bullied in school the (MORE)

How many kids committed suicide last year because of bullying?

We don't have an exact number. In the US suicide is the thirdleading cause of death amongst teenagers and adolescents. A Britishstudy reported 44% of suicides occurring in kids 10 to 14 wascaused by bullying. We have an estimate of about 4500 kids losttheir lives to suicide last year.