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How many people die a day from AIDS?

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Estimated to be 6,000 people, That die from HIV/AIDS a day in Africa. That is 42,000 within the week.
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How many people die a day?

About 250,000 - 300,000 people die per day. Calculations: 7 billion people on earth. Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days 7 billion people ÷ 24,150 da

How many people die in a day?

More than 150,000 worldwide each day. Around 1,000,000 people die a day from different causes, such as drugs, poverty, murder, suicide and cancer and other related sickness.

How many people get aids a day?

That is not known to man. We know aproximately how many are getting infected with HIV and how many dies from AIDS. Here are some data from UNAIDS: Number of people living

How many people die in the US each day of AIDS?

The number of deaths of persons with an AIDS diagnosis has stabilised in recent years at around 17,000-18,000 per year." So that means about 46-49 people die every day (assumi

How many children die from AIDS each day in Africa?

This is a difficult statistic to provide, as some African countries to not track or do not provide HIV and AIDS statistics. According to UNICEF, South Africa was home to

How many people in the US die of AIDS per day?

10 to 15 I've no idea which is correct, but I checked the site Avert.org - huge site dedicated to AIDS, with all sorts of info and all sorts of stats, and they have it at 4
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How many people die a day'?

There are about 1.5 billion zillion people that die a day in just Iowa alone. If any one is reading this I just made something up because i really don't care about this questi