How many people die a day on earth?

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How many people die a day?

About 250,000 - 300,000 people die per day. Calculations: 7 billion people on earth. Average life expectancy is about 66.12 years ~ 24150 days 7 billion people ÷ 24,150 days is just less than 300k However, life expectancy is increasing, and population isincreasing, so the actual number should be (MORE)

How many people die per day?

The world's population is 6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est). The death rate at 8.67 deaths/1,000 population. 154,889 deaths as a daily average.

How many people die in a day?

More than 150,000 worldwide each day. Around 1,000,000 people die a day from different causes, such as drugs, poverty, murder, suicide and cancer and other related sickness. Take 6,000,000,000 people live on earth today, The average life span of a person is 75 years, So Multiply 75 years * 365. (MORE)

How many people die every day on earth?

99 people die every day This answer is so far beyond belief as to be laughable. The actual number is in the tens of thousands. I'll research the number and post it here later. THE ANSWER IS BETWEEN 500,000 AND ONE MILLION, BUT I CAN'T FIND ANY SUBSTANTIATION.

How many people die each day in Africa?

Answer one in every 60 seconds.......... . i do not think that is it true... well i know that a lot of kids die of starvation some of a sickness so if you add that up that would be about 5-15 kids a day

How many people die a day from murderers?

Worldwide, this is impossible to even guess. The figure would have to include deliberate killings, crime, terrorist acts, political executions, and genocide. It is likely many tens of thousands of individuals daily. In the US in 2007, the number of reported homicides was more than 18,300 and two-th (MORE)

How many people die a day of hunger?

people that are atleast middle class and are always eating cannot die just a day without food. now if your like poor, of coursee! because your body doesnt have all thee nutrient and your bones arent strong enough for it to holdd upp .

How many people die a day from war?

There cannot be a correct answer to that question. Some days there will be 1,000 deaths and the next day no one would die. It is impossible to know the exact.

How many people die a day from drug overdoses?

About 98-230 i'd guess.There is to much overdoses.And especially when people are sick when they take steroids.It only makes it worse.I hope you are just asking because your curiouse, it'd be bad if you died.. -The answering machine :D

How many people die from marijuana a day in the US?

You can't die from smoking too much pot, its impossible for a variety of reasons, primarily because the cannabinoid receptors reside primarily in the brain (amongst other locations in the body) and opiate receptors reside in the brain stem- this controls respiration or breathing. Death will occur (MORE)

How many people die a day from drunk driving?

The honest answer is that it's impossible to say. A drink/driving accident is defined as one in which one or more of the parties involved was above the limit. Proving whether alcohol was the sole cause or even a factor is difficult, sometimes impossible.

How many people die of pink eye a day?

Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis and is swelling or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids. It is not generally known to be fatal although complications can arise from any infection.

How many people die each day form hunger?

Every 3.8 seconds: 1 person Every minute: 108 people Every DAY: 27,000 Every year: 15 million *How many people die each day FROM (not form!) hunger. Hope it helps! 8-)

How many people die a day in Mexico?

1,463 people a day die in Mexico, with the following top causes of death: . Diabetes mellitus 12% . Ischaemic heart disease 11% . Cirrhosis of the liver 7% . Cerebrovascular disease 5% . Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 4% . Road traffic accidents 3% . Lower respiratory infections 3% . (MORE)

How many people die a day of murder?

in north America about 20,000 people die a day 5% is from murder so its actually not a small % if there's a big group so my guess would b to divide 20,000 by 5% and see what u get or its 20,000 by 95% and see what that # is just try both and what Eva u get is about that #

How many people die a day of marijuana?

There are no documented cases of an individual dying via marijuana overdose, therefore no amount of people "die a day" directly from cannabis consumption.

How many people die every day in South Africa?

Thousands of people die every day in South America. They die from severe poverty. As a result of their poverty they catch a lot of diseases and are heavy drug users. Living conditions are not the same that the average person here is used to.

How many people die a day'?

There are about 1.5 billion zillion people that die a day in just Iowa alone. If any one is reading this I just made something up because i really don't care about this question. I would sit around counting the people that die, like: Oh there goes another two thousand people, no, i actually spend my (MORE)

How many people are on the Earth every second of the day?

It is actually not that easy to count. There should be an equal number of people on the Earth because each second somebody is born and each second, somebody passed away. The answer may even be 9,098,429,028,938,184,234,626,724,724,727. I have made a guess. YOU DO NOT KNOW IF IT IS TRUE BECAUSE IT IS (MORE)

How do you do an experiment on how many people die each day?

Since the statistical data is already available, on the number of people who die every day (approximately 155,000) there would not seem to be any need to perform an experiment to answer that question. There are, however, many questions relating to the death rate, which could be worthy of experimenta (MORE)

How many people are die in India per day?

Roughly 24,503 per day. This number is based on a death rate of7.23 per 1000 people annually from 2013 with India having apopulation of 1.237 billion according to google. There is truly noway to know exactly how many people die per day in India and thenumber would likely fluctuate heavily. This aver (MORE)

How many people die every day from tobacco?

Tobacco kills an estimated 5.4 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a current or former smoker dies every 6.5 seconds, If this is true, then 13,293 people die every day from tobacco. Note: These are based on smoking tobacco, so these statistics exclude any o (MORE)