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How many people die each year from toasters?

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How many people die from HIV each year?

People do not die from HIV infection. HIV is the disease that leads to AIDS. It is the AIDS disease that is a killer. To be even more exact you don't really die from AIDS but

How many people die each year from chemotherapy?

People die from chemotherapy because it is extremely toxic and ineffective. Most people die from chemotherapy rather than the cancer itself. I do not know the actual number bu

How many people die in each year?

The gross death rate average for the world is 8.37 people per 1,000  per year. With 7 billion people in the world, that means about  58,590,000 people die each year in the w

How many people die from Lego each year?

Less than anyone would know of. LEGO has a clear warning of choking hazards on their toys. Children of small ages should buy duplo or quatro sets. Lego also is not lead painte

How many people die each year from the use of drugs?

In the world total anywhere between 2-5 million people die per year from drugs directly or indirectly, there are people that are killed due to drugs because they were killed f