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How many people die everyday?

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Over 1,000's of people.
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How many people die of heart problems everyday?

  34 seconds= 1 persons death in U.S.   2500 U.S. people= 1 day   20 seconds= 1 person has heart attack   250,000 people= a year before reaching hospital   

How many people die from suicides everyday?

Suicide is an underdiscussed problem in our society. If you are thinking about it, please talk to someone about it. Here is the most recent data I could find: U.S. Suicide St

How many people die of air pollution everyday?

Answer:   Estimates range as high as 40% of the worlds deaths are attributable to pollution. The problem of arriving at a figure is to determine if pollution is directly, i

How many people in Africa die because of dehydration everyday?

About five thousand children in Africa die from dehydration or dirty water-related diseases each day. We, as Americans, can greatly help this horrible wrong by funding fresh w

How many people die from guns everyday?

31,224 firearm-related deaths in 2007 for the United states. Divide by 365 for a daily rate yields 85.5 deaths per day. In the U.S. for 2008, there were 30,896 deaths from f