How many people die in a hydrogen bomb?

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If a hydrogen bomb was dropped on New York City today there would be 8 million or more killed in the initial blast zone and later from radiation poisoning and cancer. So it depends on how many people are in the initial blast zone and radiation spread.
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How many people died in the Atomic Bombing?

Roughly 100,000 in each of the two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on which nuclear weapons were used. This is about the same number as were killed in numerous other air raids on Japan and Germany in which as many as a thousand planes would drop tens of thousands of conventional bombs. Michael Monta (MORE)

How many people did the atom bomb kill?

The US detonates a uranium bomb over the Japanese city ofHiroshima, killing more than 140,000 people within months. Manymore later die from radiation-related illnesses. The US explodes aplutonium bomb over Nagasaki. An estimated 74,000 people die by theend of 1945. Little can be done to ease the suf (MORE)

What is a hydrogen bomb?

The Teller-Ulam design is the nuclear weapon design concept used in most of the world's nuclear weapons. Colloquially referred to as "the secret of the hydrogen bomb ", because it employs hydrogen fusion to generate neutrons, in most applications the bulk of its destructive energy comes from urani (MORE)

How many people died in the bombing of Hiroshima?

80,000 90,000-166,000 . Sources for the following: Wikipedia, World War II Pacific and Southeast Asia . Q: How many Japanese people died in the bombing of Hiroshima? 70,000. . Q: How many died in Nagasaki? 25,000. . Q: How many died from all effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, (MORE)

How many people can a nuclear bomb kill?

It matters what type of bomb is used and where it is targeted at. China and India would produce the most causalities if hit with a nuclear attack. If a single modern American nuke were to hit the heaviest of populated areas even more so in India the death toll could reach in the hundreds of millions (MORE)

How many people died in the atomic bombings?

Around 100,000 were killed instantly in Hiroshima and some 70,000 were killed instantly in Nagasaki. However with radiation poisoning as well as injuries sustained during the attack, the body count reached between 350,000 - 400,000 lives.

How many people worked on the atom bomb?

It's hard to say exactly. There were many people who helped. There were 18,000 at Los Alamos and probably 50,000 or more in Hanford, WA and 45,000 at Oak Ridge, TN.. There were probably 50,000 more in various smaller groups.

Who invented the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb?

Leo Szilard invented the atomic fission bomb in 1933 inLondon while crossing a street. He applied for a patent on it in1934 and was granted that patent (GB630726) in 1936, at which timethe British Admiralty classified the patent to prevent Nazi Germanyfrom seeing it, the patent remained classified (MORE)

What can a hydrogen bomb do?

A Hydrogen bomb is nearly 1000 times stronger than an atom bomb, the reason for this is the methods in which they are made. Atomic bombs are made from the process of nuclear fission, in which two atoms crash into each other releasing a chain reaction of exploding atoms, hence the supernova, and shoc (MORE)

How many hydrogen bombs would it take to wipe out the world?

Good question and a difficult one to answer.. The main by-product of a nuclear explosion is radiation. Its effect may vary. At the site of the blast, the area is soak in radiation. So, even if people survive the immediate blast, heat, fires and physical destruction, they will absorb massive amounts (MORE)

What does the hydrogen bomb do?

\n. \n. \nHydrogen Bombs, Commonly reffered to as H-Bomb's are Thermonuclear bombs. Thermo because it requires very intense heat to cause a reaction in which the bomb explodes violently. These bombs are stronger than the one used on Hiroshima. Basically a hydrogen bomb is mean't to cause a lot of (MORE)

What is an hydrogen bomb?

A hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon that releases atomic energy by union of light(hydrogen) nuclear at high temperatures to form helium.

How many people died after the atomic bombing?

On August 6 and 9, 1945, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the first atomic bombs used in warfare. The first atomic bomb ever to be used in a military operation was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan On August 6, 1945 at 8:16:02 a.m. Hiroshima time. The bomb, affectionately (MORE)

How many people was in the plane when the nagasaki bomb?

Bockscar crew Major Charles Sweeney First Lieutenant Charles Albury Captain James Van Pelt, Jr. Captain Kermit Beahan Lieutenant Jacob Beser Staff Sergeant Ed Buckly Sergeant Abe Spitzer Master Sergeant John Kuharek Sergeant Raymond Gallagher Staff Sergeant Albert Dehart Commander Frederick (MORE)

Is a hydrogen bomb the same as a nuclear bomb?

Hydrogen bombs, or thermonuclear explosives, are one form of nuclear weapon, gaining a tremendous increase in explosive power from the fusion of atoms. This is the opposite of the fission reaction, which generates energy by splitting a larger atom into smaller ones. But the fusion bombs currently us (MORE)

How many people will die of a 20 kt nuclear bomb?

0 to a few 100,000 depending on height/depth of burst, distance from burst, terrain, and fallout distribution. If detonated at least 5 to 10 miles from the nearest person it is likely nobody would be hurt at all (like Trinity test).

How many people can get killed by a nuclear bomb?

Cannot answer, but I can list some of the variables it depends on: . Yield . Burst height/depth . Target location . Terrain . Weather . Building construction . etc., etc. etc. The Tzar Bomba (a 50MTon bomb, largest ever exploded) if detonated at optimal airburst altitude would have a (MORE)

How many Hydrogen bombs would it take to destroy the moon?

Assuming you would want to do such a stupid thing, estimates have placed the value at around 30 trillion megatons. The largest nuclear bomb, so far, is the Tsar Bomba at around 50 megatons. The Tsar Bomba is about 10 times the amount of explosives used during the second world war. So if you saved (MORE)

How many people were knew about the atomic bomb?

Very few people knew ANYTHING about the atomic bomb. First of all it was customary to keep the departments in the dark about the whole picture. In Los Alamos, New Mexico was a compound where the research went on. When the two bombs were ready they were totally different and secretly transported unde (MORE)

Who many people died in the bombing in nagasaki?

Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan when they ignored the peace ultimaed from the Potsdam Convension. The bombs killed as many as 140,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki by the end of 1945,] with roughly half of those deaths occurring on the days of the bombings. Amongst these, 15-20% (MORE)

How many people can a nuclaer bomb kill?

A nuclear bomb can destroy a city and the surrounding area. Think if New York City was bomb with an atom bomb. 8 million plus people would be killed instantly and milions more would die from the fallout or burns or other injuries. Injuries would be in the millions too.

What is hydrogenic bomb?

Never heard of it. I think you have something confused. What is commonly called a hydrogen bomb should be called a fusion bomb .

How many countries have a hydrogen bomb?

The US, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, and Pakistan are known to have thermonuclear weapons ("hydrogen bombs"). North Korea has tested fission cores powerful enough to initiate a deuterium-tritium fusion reaction, and it's believed (though it's not known with certainty) that they (MORE)

What is stronger an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

An H-Bomb is 1000 times stronger than an atomic bomb. Atomic explosions are based on splitting atoms and is a fission explosion or fission bomb. The Hydrogen bomb (also called H-Bomb) is a Fusion reaction where atoms are forced together. Atomic bombs were used in World War II, Hydrogen bombs have (MORE)

How many Radioactive elements fallout from a hydrogen bomb?

Probably around 50 to 60 as most of the fallout is fission fragments from fissions of the uranium-238 radiation casing surrounding the fusion stage due to 15MeV fission neutrons generated. About 90% of the bomb yield is from this fission also.

Which is stronger Nuclear Bomb or Hydrogen Bomb?

Nuclear bombs is all types of bombs that use nuclear energy. It is not a type of bomb,just a category of bombs. hydrogen bomb is the strongest bomb ever, and its blast yield can go up to 100megatons of TNT.

How hydrogen bomb is the biggest bomb?

A hydrogen bomb ( fusion bomb) can give unlimited yieldbecause it is built in "stages". Just keep adding additional stagesuntil you reach the yield you want. A fission bomb has a theoretical max yield of about 1MTon(500KTon is largest built and tested). Both kinds of bombs can be built with yield (MORE)

Why are hydrogen bombs called dirty bombs?

Hydrogen bombs are called "dirty" bombs because, in the final stage of detonation, they fission 1 a lot of uranium, releasing its binding energy. This results in a lot of mixed fission byproducts that contaminate the environment. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What were people worried about with hydrogen bombs?

People were/are worried about fusion bombs for the same reasons they were/are worried about fission bombs, except more so because the yield of a fusion bomb is typically much higher than the yield of a fission bomb. So a fusion bomb typically does more of everything a fission bomb does.

How many hydrogen bombs have been tested?

Cannot be determined as for some test shots the testing nation still considers the type to be classified information. And with underground testing nobody else can determinee type by fallout isotope tests.

How many people were involved in the bombing of Hiroshima?

Enola gay crew Colonel Paul Tibbets Captain Robert Lewis Captain Theodore Van Kirk Major Thomas Ferebee Lieutenant Jacob Beser Sergeant Joseph Stiborik Private Richard Nelson Staff Sergeant Wyatt Duzenbury Staff Sergeant Robert Caron Captain Deke Parson 2nd Lieutenant Morris Jeppson Bocksc (MORE)

How many people died in tokyo after the bomb?

Tokyo did not have a bomb; it was attacked by fire bombs each weighing up to 6.6 pounds. There were so many of this bombs that Tokyo was under a fire blanket. Estimates of the number killed range between 80,000 and 200,000.

How many people killed in Darwin bombings?

The Japanese attacked Australia on of February 1942 using 4 aircraft carriers from the 6 they used against Pearl Harbor. Those were the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu aircraft carriers. Out of forty-five ships ten were sunk and numerous others were damaged. 253 people died and 400 were wounded.

Why is the hydrogen bomb the clean bomb?

A hydrogen bomb can be either clean, conventional, or salted depending on the material used for the fusion (secondary) stage tamper and how it interacts with the high energy fusion reaction neutrons. . a clean hydrogen bomb uses a tamper material that does not capture or fission when hit by the h (MORE)

How many people would be affected by the hydrogen bomb?

Cannot say without knowing much more information. To begin withhydrogen bombs have been built with yields from about 50 kilotonsto 50 megatons and can be built much larger. It also depends on theheight or depth of the burst and distance from a population center.

How many people suvived the Nagasaki Bombing?

When you study incidents like this one, your mostly get the down number as it is less hard when we deal with a high population. A survival number would be less accurate than the down number in this case. There were some 280,959 in Hiroshima and 158,754 in Nagasaki recorded as casualties from the nuc (MORE)

Who designed the atom bomb and hydrogen bomb?

There were 2 teams that did the bulk of the development work, one at The Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton and the other at Los Alamos, NM. Thousands of scientists worked on these projects. Two names that pop forth as 'leaders' are Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller. PLZ remember that just (MORE)

How many people can die from an atomic bomb in 1 minute?

Cannot answer without much more information, as this depends on theyield of the bomb, altitude of the detonation, population densityaround ground zero, housing construction, cloud cover, weather, andmany other variables. A low yield bomb over an area of high population density may killmany more than (MORE)

Did the atom bomb kill many people?

Yes, thousands were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The exact number is not certain. Indeed it is still controversial. A fairly small number died later from radiation poisoning. Estimates range from about 90,000 to 200,000 dead.

How many people were injured by the bomb in hiroshima?

The atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima (Little Boy) on August 6,1945, instantly killed over 60,000 people. Over the passing of timesince that day, the death toll has since risen to around 140,000,due to the additional loss of those who had succumbed to radiationpoisoning. Based on the population o (MORE)