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How many people died at the 2010 Olympics?

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2 have died during the Olympics
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How many people to attend Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

Estimates for the Olympics are:5,000 athletes and officials/ 2,700 are athletes 10,000 media members14,000 volunteers 2.3 million attendees Source: http://olympichostcity.v

How many people have dies from anthrax in 2010?

13 deaths from infected heroin in the past year. Heroin was being contaminated with anthrax. Anthrax-related heroin deaths are extremely rare, and in the past were unheard of
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How many people died by moose in 2010?

Deaths because of an attack by moose are rare but they happen. Moose live in large parts of North America and in Northern Europe and injuries are common, largely because moose