How many people died in 2010 due to drunk driving?

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 37,261 people died in traffic crashes in 2008 in the United States (latest figures available), including an estimated 11,773 people who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Drunk driving fatalities accounted for 32% of all traffic deaths last year, that is, on average someone is killed in an alcohol-impaired driving crash every 45 minutes in the U.S. (Source: NHTSA/FARS, 2009)
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How many people die a day from driving drunk?

the amount of people that die from drunk driving is 14% of people in their cars. That is probaly true but also one person gets injured every 3 seconds and one gets killed every 24 I think it might be 26

Why do people drive drunk?

People don't know why they drive when they are drunk. When you are sober you think that you would not drive drunk. But when you are drunk, that's a different thing all together... You do stupid things when drunk.

How many people die from drunk driving a day?

Each year approximately 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes, Many people believe that New Year's Eve is the night when the most drunken driving accidents occur but they are wrong; New Year's Eve runs a distant second to the holiday that statistically has the largest number of drunk driving (MORE)

How many people die a day from drunk driving?

The honest answer is that it's impossible to say. A drink/driving accident is defined as one in which one or more of the parties involved was above the limit. Proving whether alcohol was the sole cause or even a factor is difficult, sometimes impossible.

How many teens die due to drunk driving?

Each year , more than 5000 high school-aged kids die on the road. . About 25% of teens die due to intoxication. . About 3,000 teens die each year due to intoxication.

How many people died in the us due to alcohol in 1999?

No one died in the US due to alcohol in 1999, only from the abuse of alcohol. The lives of many people were saved and/or extended because they consumed alcohol in moderation and enjoyed the health benefits of doing so.

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How many people have died in 2010?

According to a widget on, approximately 41,317,000 (forty-one million three hundred and seventeen thousand) people have died so far in 2010, with 2 more people dying every second. This answer was recorded on September 14th, 2010, so obviously the answer will change over time.

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How many people have died due to war?

I did alittle bit of research and I got a rough estimate of well over 132 million since the 1800's. I did alittle bit of research and I got a rough estimate of well over 132 million since the 1800's

How many people get drunk at a party?

with lots of alcohol about 90% I'm guessing but it depends if they have designated drivers and if some are pregnant... so their is no accurate answer....

How many people died from texting and driving?

Hopefully most of them ! - okay, joke , but I DO find it scary how many idiots do this, especially on the freeway at high speeds ! - - And the most frequent culprits of this AND cellphone use (that I see) - women aged about 18 - late 20's ! - PLEASE ladies, get some sense and quit scaring the he (MORE)

Is it bad for people to drive drunk?

VERY BAD. Do you know what would probably happen? The drunk driver could go to sleep while driving and kill theirself and other people. The drunk driver could go crazy and swirve all on the road and injure many innocent people. That's why they make sings that says dont drink and drive. Also the pers (MORE)

How many people die each year to drunk driving?

One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving . Each year approximately 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes . Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities . Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

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None. The figures quoted are generated by a GIGO computer model. If you built similar models to 'guestimate' the number of people 'dying from' obesity, alcohol abuse, traffic pollution, industrial pollution, workplace pollution, domestic pollution, drug abuse, climate change, food additives, stress (MORE)

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About what percentage of vehicular collisions are due to drunk driving?

It is not really possible to know how many vehicle accidents are caused by drunk driving. A person could make an educated guess, but never know for sure how accurate it was. In order to do this, you would have to find out have many accidents are actually caused by a drunk driver and how many are cau (MORE)

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Deaths because of an attack by moose are rare but they happen. Moose live in large parts of North America and in Northern Europe and injuries are common, largely because moose are numerous. Although they are not naturally aggressive, their size makes them dangerous. Figures for deaths worldwide aren (MORE)

How many people die from drunk driving in 2011?

• Over 40% of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related • Approximately 30% of Americans will be in an accident involving alcohol • According to estimates, someone is injured in an alcohol-related accident every two minutes • Accidents involving alcohol are more likely (MORE)

How many people live while drunk driving?

All of them. Its not until drunk crashing that the folks who are drunk driving are likely to die of their own stupidity. As to a statistic of drunk driving related fatalities I have none.

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