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How many people died in a car crash in 2010?

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Too Many People
Car kill to many people every year.
This is mostly related to alcohol.
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How many people died in car crashes in 2006?

The US 2006 population was approximately 295,000,000 (290 million) people.. In 2006, there were 14.3 vehicle related fatalities per 100,000 population, which equates to 42,18

How many people died in Princess Diana's car crash?

Three people died as a result of the crash. Diana's companion Dodi Al Fayad and the driver Henri Paul were killed instantly. Diana died some hours later in hospital. A bodygua

How many people have died in 2013 form car crashes?

Data has not been compiled for 2013 nor for all of 2012. In 2011there were 32,367 motor vehicle deaths in the U.S. as motor vehicledeaths have been decling since 2005 you can