How many people from Mexico speak English?

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How many people speak English English and American English?

American English is more popular. Maybe if you combine India and Britain, you have more British Speakers, but American English is still more popular. In fact, English evolv

How many people speak some English?

There are no clear statistics available to measure the number of people who speak "some" of a language, but there are some estimates avaible, which say that it's about 1 billi

How many people speak English in Ireland?

In Ireland, 98% of the population speaks English. Both English andIrish are official languages, but although Irish is the firstofficial language, only 1% of the population can

How many people speak English in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most populated city inthe country. Since it is a city known for its great touristic andcommercial appeal, it is no surprise that alm

How many people speak English in Australia?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, given the censusfigures for 2011, an estimated 76.8% of Australians speak onlyEnglish at home. However, there are another 22%
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How many people on Uruguay speak English?

English is not an official language in Uruguay (Spanish is) so not many people speaks English. However, there are many bilingual schools (who teach in Spanish and English) and
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How many people speak portuguese in Mexico?

Nowadays there are over 4,500 Brazilian and 800 Portuguesenationals registered as formal immigrants in Mexico. There are also many descendants of both Portuguese and Brazilia