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How many people go camping each year in the US?

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How many people go to jail for murder each year?

This is just an estimation but, approximately 17,000 people are killed a year in the US. About 50% of those result in arrest, so probably around 8500 a year... and that doesn'

How many people go on safari to Zambia each year?

Around 600,000 tourists travel from the UK to Zambia for a Zambia safari each year. Popular attractions to Zambia include Victoria Falls, the Luangwa National Park and Lower Z

How many british people go on holiday each year?

  On average an amount of 60 million go on holiday each year   However 45 million of these people go on their holidays in the summer months from June 25th - August 31st

How many people go missing in the world each year?

You wont find true numbers on the net if you look. The numbers are  being suppressed. The number is likely close to double digits  millions. Thats a lot of people! Where do

How many people go to Mecca each year?

It would be hard to give an accurate figure for the number of people who visit Makkah each year, as some people live outside Makkah and work there, and some people deliver sup

How many people go to the movies each year?

Attached is the MPAA study, for movie attendence.   I had to read it a few times before I understood it. The study period is mid-July 2006 to mid-July 2007 and covers only