How many people have played Pokemon GO?

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According to a Recode article from 13 July 2016, in the US alone, there are an estimated 9.55 million total daily users of Pokémon GO. This number is increasing quickly, and global numbers are skyrocketing as it is systematically being introduced in more countries.
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What is going on when you play Pokemon 100 hours?

I've heard rumors that if you play Pokemon for 300 hours or more, all the memory will be lost. But my friend has played that long and nothing has happened to him, so it's just

How many people like Pokemon?

Only god could ever know. millions of people around the world love and collect the pokemon games and cards. including me. ^3^

Do people still play Pokemon?

Almost all of my friends play Pokemon. It's still a big fad. I'm obsessed with Pokemon and I play as often as I can. So yes.