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How many people play rugby in nz?

There are not quantifiable figures to give an accurate response to this questions. This is because although there are regional clubs each has a group of feeder clubs and added to this are the non affiliated teams such as college teams school and university sides and of course the "pub" teams. There (MORE)

How many people do fishing in NZ?

Fishing comes in just behind walking and gardening in terms of adult participation in a physical activity. It is estimated that 37% of men and 15% of women fish in NZ.

How many people die from smoking each year in NZ?

More than 4500 people die annually from smoking related causes in NZ and it is the leading cause of preventable deaths. Lifetime smokers have a 50% chance of being killed by smoking and loose and average of 14 life years. The World Health Oganisation estimates that around 9% of deaths worldwide are (MORE)

How many golds does NZ have?

3 Gold medals for New Zeland in the 2008 Summer Olympics, in the Women's Double Sculls, the Women's shot put event and Men's Windsurfer.

How many volcanoes are in nz?

There are 48 volcanoes around New Zealand. . Actually there are over 60 active, dormant and extinct volcanoes in New Zealand, and 48 in the Auckland region.

How many cheerleading teams are in nz?


How many breeds of horses are there in nz?

there are countless numbers of breeds of horses, i have a book that has over 300 in, but there are also hundreds of variations through cross breeding so no-body could really give an accurate number unless they were involved in keeping an eye on how many were in each breed to try and prevent extincti (MORE)

How many Cabinet ministers are there in NZ?

There are currently twenty (20) ministers who are alsomembers of Cabinet in New Zealand. It should be noted thatthere are another eight (8) ministers who serve outside of theCabinet. The number of ministers in Cabinet at any time is subjectto the discretion of the Prime Minister (through advice to (MORE)

How many rugby teams are there in nz?

There are 28 Provincial teams. 14 play in first division whilst the rest play in the Heartland competition. The first division is semi-professional whilst the Heartland championship is amateur There are 5 Super franchises that compete in the Super Championship. There are reportedly 520 club te (MORE)

How many Germans live in NZ?

According to Wikipedia, the number of New Zealanders with German ancestry is estimated to be as high as 200,000 (5% of the population). However, this does not specify how many of these people actively practice and embrace the German language and culture.

How many volcanoes in ALL NZ?

There are 48 volcanoes around New Zealand. . Actually there are over 60 active, dormant and extinct volcanoes in New Zealand, and 48 in the Auckland region.

How many people are drowned in NZ?

Drowning is the third highest cause of unintentional death in New Zealand. 2008 was a relatively low year statistically with 96 deaths through drowning, whereas in 1998 the figure was 148 people drowned.

Nz Is made out of how many Islands?

NZ is made out of 3 main Islands, North island, South island and Stewart island. Other islands include Great Barrier island, Auckland island, White island, Campbell island, Chatam island, Ulva island, D'Urville island and Nauru ( which run on there own set of laws).

How many rugby clubs are there in NZ?

Well, there are many rugby clubs through out New Zealand but New Zealand are split up in -provinces, they are Auckland,Bay of Plenty,Buller,Canterbury,Counties Manukau,East Coast,Hawkes Bay,Horowhenua Kapiti,King Country,Manawatu,Mid Canterbury,North Harbour,North Otago,Northland,Otago,Poverty Bay,S (MORE)

How many NZ people died in ww1?

Sixteen thousand six hundredth ninety seven New Zealand people were killed and forty one thousand three hundredth and seventeen people were wounded during World War one.

How many sheep are in NZ?

i dont know exactly but there is an estimate of 5 sheep to 1 person 40 million Currently about 30 million sheep.

How many people have died from Swine Flu in NZ?

Since the daily and weekly counts of cases and deaths from the swine flu, which were initially required by the CDC, WHO, and national health departments of most nations have stopped since the pandemic was declared over, there is no way to know how many now. One reason is there are still ongoing case (MORE)

Why do people come to NZ?

Because it's beautiful, friendly and safe, relatively speaking. Not that there is no crime at all you understand. Any sensible person would still take care as they should in their own country , to secure their belongings, not walk alone in town at night. Don't hitchhike. Everywhere you go in the wor (MORE)

Where in nz do Ireland people live?

Irish people could be found in all the main cities and towns, so there is no particular place that you could say, so the answer is anywhere.

Why did Asian people come to nz?

Well theres many reasons, natural disaters (such as the Japan tsunami).. as well and New Zealand being a very safe, peaceful clean and green country.. :) I would just like to do a shout out to alexis and emma and bri their my bffls for life !

How many mines in nz?

New Zealand's minerals are varied. · Aggregate- rock, sand · aluminium · Antimony · Bentonite · beryllium · coal - 21 operating mines · chromium · clay · copper · diatomite · gallium · gold - 2 large mines · iron ore · lead · limestone (MORE)

How many insects are there in NZ?

Thousands of different species - that is insects that are demonstrably different from each other. And the total is being added to all the time by entomologists , which is what insect scientists are called. And there are sub specialties, such as moths and butterflies, for which we have the name lep (MORE)

How many kilometers from NZ to Tonga?

From NZ to Tonga, TN there are 1317.86 miles and there are 0.621371192 kilometers in a mile. Therefore from NZ to Tonga there is 2120.84 KIlometers.

Why does NZ have so many storms?

we have so many storms because we are the closest proper country to antarctica and we get all the weather that has come off antarctica. especially in the winter, when antarctica has that big storm. New Zealand where i live is getting all the cold wind and rain. that's all it is, antarctica's leftove (MORE)

How many murders in nz 2012?

New Zealand's homicide rate has been halved in the past twenty years. There were only 39 intentional murders in the entire country in 2012, which is an all time low.

How many people live in nz 2013?

The NZ census for 2013 has not been fully completed as of 7/3/13. As of 2011, the amount of people living in NZ was 4.4 million residents according to the census.