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How many people in world have Autoimmune Disease?

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Estimates place the number of people with autoimmune diseases at 1 in 12. In the United States it is 23.5 million according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. www.aarda.org
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Is rheumatoid arthritis an autoimmune disease?

Yes RA is an autoimmine disease. yes Rheumatoid arthritis is an Autoimmune disease that causes the dist ruction of connective tissue particularly cartilage in the joints but i

Is vitiligo an autoimmune disease?

    Answer     Vitiligo or leukodermia is a chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular white patches in skin. The precise cau

Why are allergies not classified as autoimmune diseases?

An autoimmune disease is a reaction to a substance that is innate to the human body - such as a specific organ or cell. Whereas an allergy is a reaction to a foodstuff that is

Is gout an autoimmune disease?

Though a Dr has just told me Gout is not an autoimmune condition- I know it is. Many online Medics keep this other opinion going too. The initial build up of uric acid in the

Is psoriasis an autoimmune disease?

Yes it is considered an autoimmune disease. Answer By Dr Naithani psoriasis is an auto immune disorder ,psoriasis is developed as immune response of body to any protein of

What kind of arthritis is a autoimmune disease?

Arthritis that is related to an autoimmune disease is generally  termed an autoimmune arthritis. Many autoimmune conditions may  result in arthritis, including:    rhe

What is the function of antibody in autoimmune disease?

  Answer   An antibody is what your body produces to fight of disease and infection. When a person has an autoimmune disease, the body's antibodies are attacking hea

Is porphyria an autoimmune disease?

Porphyria is not an autoimmune disease. Although, signs and symptoms of the disease mimic lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are based on the immune sy

What causes autoimmune disease?

When your body fires an immune response against a toxin it cannot kill, your immune system becomes either Th1 or Th2 dominant. This attack is against your own tissues (where t