How many people live in cranford NJ?

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In the year of 2000, Cranford's population was at 22,578. As of the year 2010, the township's population was 22,625. In 2016 estimated that 24,097 was the population.
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How many people live in Ireland?

The population of Ireland is estimated to be around 6.2million , with around 4.5 million living in the Republic ofIreland, and slightly fewer than 1.8 million living in NorthernIreland.

How many people live in Toronto?

Population of Toronto South Asian-40 percent Canadian-25 percent Philipines-15 percent German-10 percent There is a population of 2,503,281 in Toronto. 2.615 million (2011)

How many people live in Baghdad?

Baghdad has an estimated population of 7 million. The actual population in October, 2007 is probably less due to the ongoing problems. .

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Adelaide has a population of 1,172,105 was established in December 1836 and is now the 5th largest city in Australia located in the state of South Australia

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As of the April 2010 US Census, the population was 18,801,310. An estimate late in 2011 was 19,057,542. Florida's population iscontinuing to increase although at a reduced rate.

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As of October 2009 the population of Tokyo was estimated to be at 12.989 million. That's about 10% of Japan's population.

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Israel's population, as of September 2010, is 7,645,000, according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. This is an increase of 1.8%, for the 7th consecutive year. The breakdown is as follows: . 75.5% Jewish . 20.3% Arab . 4.2% other The statistics indicated that Israeli is a young na (MORE)

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How many people live in Tallahassee Florida I would like to know How many people live in Tallahassee Florida so If you all get a chance to see please let me know right then and there please. THANK YOU So Much 186,411 (2013)

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In 2005, the population of Madrid was 3,228,359. The population in Madrid in 2009 was 3,255,944. It is estimated that nearly 6,000,000 live in the Greater Metropolitan are making it the third largest metro area in Europe after Greater London and Berlin. how many people live in Madrid today ?

How many people are living on this earth?

About 7 billion now inhabit the earth. With current technology the planet can reasonably support between three and four billion. One person is born almost every 5 seconds, and one person dies almost every minute.

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In a recent census, Bangkok is said to have a population of 6.4million people. It is the capital of Thailand and it's mostpopular, destination heavy city.

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The population of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is approximately3,324,500 people. Uruguayan culture has very strong influences fromSouthern Europe.

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As an estimate in 2007, Kosovo had 1,804,838 people as a whole. Its capital had an estimation of 550,000 people in 2006. The density of its capital city, Pristina, is 661 people for every squared kilometer. However, in Kosovo as a whole, has 220 people for every squared kilometer.

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The last international census of Gauteng, Germany revealed that approximately 12,354,232 people live in the city. That is a lot of people to live in one place.

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The population of California in April 2010 was 37,253,956 (US Census). An estimate in March 2012 was 37,465,779. However, approximately two million taxpayers have left the state in the past decade and were replaced by immigrants (both legal and illegal) and their anchor children. As a result, the we (MORE)

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\nAccording to the official census, there were 300,000 people living in Phuket a few years ago. But this counts only the people who are REGISTERED in Phuket, not the people who actually live there. If we take this last criteria, the figure raise to one million people.\n. \nFor details read Phuket R (MORE)

How many people live in Arkansas?

The population of Arkansas was 2,915,958 as of the 2010 U.S.Census. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the population inArkansas was 2,978,204 as of July 1, 2015.

What famous people live in mahwah NJ?

Former residents include: Poet Joyce Kilmer ("Trees") Emmy and Tony-Award winning actor Bill McCutcheon Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar

How many people live in Aruba?

100,000 The last census for Aruba was taken in 2010. According to the last census taken in 2010, the population of Aruba is 101,484 people but the population has either decreased or increased between now and 2013.

How many people live in pennslyvania?

I don't know i don't think anyone knows except for the census but the average number would probably be around couple hundred thousand live in Pennsylvania

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In the Midwest, there are a total of 60,006,000 people. This is the population of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin together(which make up the Midwest).

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There were not always the same amount but there was between 100-300 people. Also if you died there they would count the city -1 like some other cities. If you were to live in Morocco today there would be around 9900 people. So it has grown quite a bit sicece the 1900's. Hope this helps

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According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 16,751,455 people living in Burkina Faso, ranking it as the 61st largest country in the world in regards to population.

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No one lives in the Galaxy itself.. but the worlds in it.. and at the moment the only world with life as we know it is us... and there's about 6,775,235,700 in the world.. that's from 2009 so I would say that... Hope this helps(:

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There is over 9,126,793 people in Milwaukee because there is over 9 million people in kansas so it will be more because it is over 2.1 hundred feet difference which makes it larger to attract people in our state.

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It goes up every day and then down again there is only one possible way you could find that out that's if you stop all access to timaru and then count all the people but then that will be wrong the next day and you will have to do that every day for the rest of your life.Then there are people having (MORE)

Who is cranford coulter?

Cranford Coulter is this one guy on facebook who looks funny and wears wierd glasses. No lie! This is all true, and Isaiah Gable knows it.

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At the last census, in April 2011, the population of Mullingar was20,103 people. At the last census, in April 2011, the population of Mullingar was20,103 people. At the last census, in April 2011, the population of Mullingar was20,103 people. At the last census, in April 2011, the population of M (MORE)

How many people live in aberdoon?

It is a city in Scotland .It is located in hilly area . According to the census report of JUL 2011 the population of Aberdoon is 26,297.It is the third largest city of Scotland according to its population.

How many people live in rotterdam?

According to Wikipedia - as of February 2012, the population of the city was 617,347. That figure roughly doubles if you include the metropolitan area.