How many people make up both the Senate and Congress in the U.S. government?

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There are 535 people in congress. Each state has 2 senators which is 100 and there are 435 representatives.
There are 535 members in the United States Congress.
435 100 in the senate (2 per state), the other half of congress is the house of representatives which is 335. The house is based on the state's population. These numbers when added make up the electoral college. Take the state of Ohio for example there is 20 electoral votes for Ohio, 2 because of the senators, and the other 18 come from congressmen. Ken Orr Iowa
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How many Senators are in the U.S. Congress?

There are 100 seats in the U.S. Senate. Two senate seats are held by each of the 50 states, regardless of their size. Citizens of the District of Columbia have no voting re