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Approximately 90-100 million people speak French (as their first language). This includes the people of France, Quebec, countries in west Africa (which were former French colonies), and some islanders (in the Caribbean and in the Pacific).

Another 200 million speak French as a second language.
As of 2011, there are about 70 million native speakers, plus another 200 million who speak it as a second language.
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How many people speak French in Switzerland?

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Approximately 500 million people speak French today, about 200 million of which are native speakers. About 500 million people french. French is the world's 11th most common

How many people speak French in France?

Mostly whole of France speaks French as major language. A good number of population know English, German and Spanish also. A Census Report of 1999 showed that almost 86% of th

How many people in Switzerland speak French?

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