How many people went to soup kitchens during the great depression?

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While there's no definitive number, it's been estimated that several million people relied on soup kitchens during the Depression.

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Where were soup kitchens in the Great Depression?

I believe that there were soup kitchens, although they were few andfar between. They were also called "bread lines". It was just thebeginning of the Great Depression and many men were out of work. Some Trivia Did you know that Al Capone (yes the gangster) started the Chicagosoup kitchen's. He did (MORE)

How did people economize during the Great Depression?

I was not around for the "Great Depression" but I have learned a few things from my family history. 1.Communities pulled together. Those who had shared with those who did not. Friends, family, churches helped each other. Some people were even willing to take in other families -into already cram (MORE)

What jobs did people have during the Great Depression?

People had the same sort of jobs during the Great Depression as they have now, except that computers and many other labor-saving systems had not yet been invented. There were no computer jobs, very few jobs involving electronics, many fewer desk jobs and many more jobs involving physical labor.

What did people eat during the Great Depression?

During the Depression, this self-sufficiency carried over into their social life. One-dish suppers and church potlucks were important ways to have fun and share food. On radio and in women's magazines, home economists taught women how to stretch their food budget with casseroles and meals like cream (MORE)

Why did people move during the great depression?

people moved so they would be closer to a breadline or some free source of food because very few people had transportation. They also moved because some of them were not able to pay for their houses and they didn't have a job.

How many people became unemployed during the Great Depression?

Unemployment rates in the US during the Great Depression. 1930--3.2 percent 1931--15.9 percent 1932--23.6 percent 1933--24.9 percent 1934--21.7 percent 1935--20.1 percent 1936--16.9 percent 1937--14.3 percent 1938--19.0 percent 1939--17.2 percent

How did people feel during the Great Depression?

People felt like life was over. Emonism actually started during the great depression. In 1930, people across America and the USA decided life was at a stand still. Women slutted for money, and guys whored for money. They were without jobs, and without jobs you dont have anything.

How many people were in the Great Depression?

The Great Depression of the 1930's affected almost the entire world. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the world population in 1930 was around 2.07 billion. Many countries were affected by the Depression, including Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, J (MORE)

What did people do for entertainment during the great depression?

Honestly, the most popular leisure activity during the 30s-40s was going to see a nice movie. Films allowed for people to relax themselves and take their minds off of the atrocities of the depression, for as long as they could. Movies are still just as popular nowadays.

What did people do for money during the great depression.?

Sold their possessions to get a little money and moved to other towns or states in desperate search of work. The movie Grapes of Wrath chronicles typical family struggles. They did anything they could to make money. Picking fruit and cotton was common. Most didn't even make enough to eat.

What did American people do during the Great Depression?

they died Another answer that was thought to be an attempt at comedy and is merely an insult to anyone who experienced the Great Depression People all over the country tried to survive as best they could. My Grandfather for instance lived in Fleming, Colorado. It was basically a dust bowl (MORE)

What happend to many people during the great depression?

They could barely survive, and many people killed themselves. Every business went completely downhill, and a large percentage of the homes were used as boarding houses because noone could afford to keep their houses. It just sucked.

Why were soup kitchens important during the Great Depression?

Soup kitchens were important during the Great Depression because it was another free way for the homeless or the starving to eat. They were usually huge rooms with long wooden tables. They used soup because it was the cheapest way to make food. All it was water and vegetables. Sometimes the vegetabl (MORE)

What did people do for entertainment during Great Depression?

The radio, which broadcast big band "gigs" and comedy and dramashows, were as cheap as $10 and became depression-era Americans'favorite form of home entertainment. The invention of the 78-rpmrecord, which only cost 35 cents and the jukebox, which would playsongs for a nickel, were popular among the (MORE)

Which American president brought hope to many people during the Great Depression?

\n. \n. Many people blamed the crash of Wall Street (Black Thursday) on the Republicans who had politically dominated the "roaring twenties". Herbert Hoover was not re-elected in 1932 as it was thought he did not do enough to provide relief from the economic depression that followed the collapse (MORE)

How many people died during the great depression of famine around the world?

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates thatabout 795 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, orone in nine, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in2014-2016. Almost all the hungry people, 780 million, live indeveloping countries, representing 12.9 perce (MORE)