How many people will fit into a phone booth?

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This was actually a teenage fad during the late 1950's, especially among high school students. As many as 25 students got "all or part" of their bodies into a standard phone booth (about 30" x 30" x 8 ft). The record for complete individuals is either 12 or 15 according to the varying criteria.

Another Answer Probably a minimum of 5 average sized people and a maximum of 7 or 8.
 Another Answer That depends. If there was a group of really, really short and skinny people, I'm sure dozen(s) of them could fit in a phone booth. This question has no definite answer, however, so all that you will find is guesses.
 Another Answer My record is 6, but we were 11 years old, and so quite small.
 Another Answer Jeez, I don't know. i guess it depends on the size of the people, 'cause with really fat people you could only fit one into a phone booth, but with really skinny and short people you could probably (not) fit as much as you want in there. Another thing that could affect it is the size of the booth. for example, if a telephone booth is 32 feet tall, and you have 8 four feet tall people, you could stack them on top of each other! What also is a good question is how long would the people stay in?
 Another Answer Depends on how fat the people are.
 Another Answer It depends on several factors such as the width and length of the booth, the person/peoples' height/weight, the country/state, etc.
 Another Answer For me I think 5.
 Another Answer It all depends on 3 factors - the size of the booth/ the size of the people/ the flexibility of the people.
 Another Answer It depends on many factors: the size of the booth, the size of the people, if the people were standing or not, etc.
 Another Answer My friends and I try to break our record each month. We're 15 and 16. Our record is 13, but we're an entire group of cheerleaders, gymnasts, and contortionists, so...
 Another Answer Don't be the first one in! I was part of a group of twelve that crammed into a Greyhound bus restroom in high school. Yuck!
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