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How many phonemes in the word student?

I think I would say 8 - but it's a long time since I studied philology so I may be wrong. Of course, it does depend on how you pronounce it!

How many phonemes are in the word construction?

A phoneme is the smallest sound unit of a word when you pronounce things, such as the "s" sound or the "th" sound for example. Phonemes are often, but not always, represented

How many phonemes does number have?

The word 'number' has five phonemes, or speech sounds, in anon-rhotic accent such as the Australian accent. They are n/u/m/b/er. In non-rhotic accents, the "er" is aschwa.

How many phonemes are in the word this?

There are three phonemes in the word 'this', as the consonant blendof 'th' forms a single phoneme, or speech sound. The phonemes are: th / i / s

How many phonemes in string?

There are five phonemes in 'string' - s / t / r / i /ng. Note that the ng blend at the end produces its ownsingle sound.

How many phonemes in the word name?

3 if you count the vowel sound (which is the diphthong e-i) as one phoneme, which is standard. N-ei-m. There are 4 letters in the word but only three sounds. Phonemes are sou

How many phonemes are in the word gopher?

This depends on the country and region. InAmerican English, wherever there is a strong rhotic accent, thereare five distinct speech sounds - g / o / ph / e / r . The 'ph' f

How many phonemes in the word thing?

There are 3 phonemes in the word thing /th/i/ng/. 'th' stands for one mouth move (a digraph), as does 'ng' (another digraph). Counting phonemes is hard in English because