How do you take a photo?

Basically you should know the features of your camera for you to know how to take the shot. Better to read the manual first. But when it comes to photo shoot techniques and ot (MORE)

How many photos can you take on a 1GB CD card with a 1 MP camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resoluti (MORE)
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How many years did it take provide photos?

Although photo developers have been known to be slow, they have never taken years to provide photos. You can get your prints back usually in a matter of mere days.
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Why do you take photos?

because if you forget the memory, or have a memory loss problem, you'll have the picture to look back, or you can use it for proof!

How many photos did Niel Armstrong take on the moon?

Not five, like the common belief that is circling the internet. There were 122 photos taken by the Apollo 11 crew with their Hassellad cameras on the moonwalk, 77 were taken b (MORE)