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How many pictures can a 19.5mb memory card hold?

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It depends on the size of the pictures
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How many pictures can a 2gb memory card hold?

It does depend on your camera and amount of megapixels. If you're doing mostly still shots, 2gb can range from holding 200 to 900 photos. If you have a Lexar card it is usuall

How many pictures can a 256 MB memory card hold?

The correct answer to this question is, "It all depends."   Every camera resolution saves photographs of a particular size, and depending on your camera's resolution you ca

How many 13.6mp pictures can a 8gb memory card hold?

  The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum res

How many pictures can a 2 GB memory card hold?

it depends on what size the photos are. If you have a maybe 5 gb or 8gb camera you wont fit a lot on a 2Gb memory card.   It varies from about 40 to several thousand, depen

How many pictures can a 16 GB memory card hold?

The average photo is 0.293 MB. Converted to GB, 0.293MB is 0.0002861328125GB. To find out how much a 16GB memory card can hold, simply divide 16 by 0.0002861328125. The answe