How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 8 mega pixal digital camera?

2GB card will hold ~585 pictures of 8 megapixels. 2 gigabyte (GB) = 2 billion bytes The size of the image depends on whether the image format iscompressed or not so a 8 megap (MORE)

How many pictures in 8 GB?

It really depends on your camera and it's settings. The lower the resolution, and the higher the compression setting, the more pictures will fit on your card. That aside, the (MORE)

How many pictures on 2 gb memory card in 8 mega pixel camera?

Answer . If you have one, your User Guide/Instruction Book/ on-screen Manual should be able to help you. For example, I have a Canon A710IS, and under "Memory Cards and Est (MORE)

How many pictures on 16gb memory card in 8 MP digital camera?

That depends on the size of the image files, which in turn depends on the resolution settings. You can count on about 4,000 at the highest resolution, and thousands more on th (MORE)

How many pictures can a 8 GB memory card hold?

The average photo is 0.293 MB. Converted to GB, 0.293MB is 0.0002861328125GB. To find out how much a 8GB memory card can hold, simply divide 16 by 0.0002861328125. The answer (MORE)
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How many ways can you hang 8 pictures?

Depends how many knots you know, if you're allowed to put screws into the wall, etc- these are all valid ways of hanging pictures. If you mean "in how many different orders (MORE)