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How many pictures does 1TB hold?

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200,000 photos
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How many pictures can a 1TB hard drive hold?

It's tough to say specifically as each picture file size varies. At the highest quality setting, on the highest, currently available, general use camera, at worst your file si

How many gigabyte make 1tb?

1024gigabytes makes 1terabyte, just like 1024 bytes makes one kilobyte and 1024 kilobyte makes one megabyte.

How many movies can a 1TB hard drive hold?

A 1TB hard drive has a little more memory than 412 DVD-Rs. So you should be able to hold approximately 412 DVD-quality movies on your 1TB hard drive. If you are recording yo

How many songs can 1TB have?

  1Tb refers to 1,000,000 Mb. This is the 'retail' 1Tb not the 'technical' value (which is 1024x1024 Mb). The average MP3 is about 5Mb so 1,000,000 / 5 = 200,000 songs.

How many pictures can be stored on a 1tb external drive?

250,000 or less depends on the quality & size as a 16mp photo will take up more space than a 2.3mp photo, a 1tb ehdd can hold over 200,000 2.3mp photos but only abut 170,000

How many pictures does 1GB hold?

Well, i have a Kodac digital 7 mega pixel camera, with a 1GB card, and it holds about 708 pictures without any recorded video.

How many pictures can 2gb hold?

  That depends on the size of the pictures, format, compression level, etc... but it'a about 1000 pictures from a decent quality modern camera saved as JPG.

How many pictures will 8G hold?

  It all depends on the quality of the pictures your taking but 8g on a standard digital camera will generally hold around 16,000 pics!!! And 8 g sandisks go for about 20

How many full movies would a 1TB storage hold?

In 1TB you can hold. DivX (cca 700MB) about 1400 DVD (cca 4.3GB) about 230 BluRay (25 or 50GB (dl) about 40 or 20... It's for 1TB, but you should note that 1TB hard di

How many pictures does 16GB hold?

That really depends on the quality of your camera. Different cameras have different image quality, and as a result, different file extensions are used. Different file extensio

How many pictures will 8GB hold?

The number of pictures depends entirely on the size of each picture. Here are some guides: Picture size 100KB - up to 80 000 pictures. Picture size 500KB - up to 16 000 pictur