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How many pigeons are there in New York City?

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547, 821,691 pigeoens in nyc, but 465468 visit from NJ weekly and 4665465 visit from Connecticut weekly and 22,250,000 from upstae new york and Long Island
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How many counties are there in New York City?

Five. New York City is comprised of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Each borough is also a county: Manhattan is New York County, Brook

How many cities they founded in New York?

One. New York City. The rest (Queens, Brooklyn, etc) are boroughs, like counties. NYC was originally New Amsterdam, as it had such a huge Dutch/Netherlander population, but it

How many bridges are in New York City?

Manhattan has at least 16 bridges that connect the island to neighboring areas. The George Washington Bridge, The Triborough Bridge, The Queensboro Bridge, The Williamsburgh B

How many smartphones are in new york city?

It depends - the population of New York City is very different when we're talking about working hours and non-working hours. If we're worried about bandwidth, we need to take

How many villages are there in new york city?

  There are no villages in New York City, it's a city. People do refer to the area of downtown NYC called Greenwich Village as "the Village" (within this category you may